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The Ella Tannous Case: When Every Lebanese Suddenly Becomes A Doctor

Profit motives of press, corrupt around the world. The doctor saved her life, not ruined it!

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Ella Tannous

I just wasted 7 years of my life in medical school.

Naturally, when you live in the country with the likes of professor Marcel Ghanem, Dr. Joe Maalouf, Tony Khalifeh and their friends, is there a point for you to remotely try to get an education? They will tell you what you need to know, give you medicine crash courses and guide public opinion on the matter.

Clearly, they’re the ones who know everything and those doctors are just backward-minded folks who only care about money.

Ella Tannous is a young 9 months old whose pediatrician is now in jail. Why is he in jail? Because we live in a corrupt country where security forces get carried away by the sensational reporting of Kalam Ennas and other similar shows to ruin the life of a man simply because of the science of Marcel Ghanem’s report and that dramatic Lord of…

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“The word ‘poser’ hits me on a deep personal level. In high…


“The word ‘poser’ hits me on a deep personal level. In high school I was called a poser a lot. Like when I first rode a fixed gear bike, or tried to break dance, or dressed punk. Just because I’m interested and passionate about something new doesn’t mean I’m trying to fit in with a certain crowd. It just really bothers me when people try to tell me what I am and what I’m not.”

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Madonna on Russia: We Have a Responsibility – The Seattle Lesbian

Lawyer for the Russian LGBT Network, Maria Kozlovskaya, thinks it’s great to see support from American celebrities.

“It is very important that celebrities like Madonna or Lady Gaga join initiatives of that kind,” she said.

After a performance in St. Petersburg last August, a local organization tried to sue her for $10 million under the gay propaganda law after she spoke in support of gay rights. The court threw out the lawsuit.

Lady Gaga is also under fire, as a local resident claimed her 13-year-old daughter was subjected to “an imitation of sexual intercourse between women and advocacy of alcohol consumption,” during her St. Petersburg show last December.

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Ex-Pussy Riot Members To Glastonbury – artnet News

The group objected to Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina appearing at the Amnesty International event at the Barclay’s Center, writing in an anonymous statement, “we’re a female separatist collective. We never accept money for our performances.”

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MERS in South Korea: A nosocomial case cluster

A must to understand how a new pandemic could spread so easily in today’s world.

Mens et Manus

Over the last several days, many of us have been watching a rather fascinating cluster of MERS cases develop in South Korea (which has since resulted in an exportation to China, as well) [1, 2]. The index case has a very complicated travel history [3], which has made it somewhat challenging to pin-point how the cluster found its beginnings; however, since returning to South Korea, the index case has managed to infect 24 (and counting) other people (14 of whom have been lab-confirmed by the WHO) [4, 5, 6]. With little doubt, this is a textbook example of a “super-spreader event” (likely due to lapses in nosocomial infection prevention) [7].

This summary aside, I’m posting here today to share a case cluster visualization I’ve built using the wealth of information that have graciously been made public by the WHO…

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