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Danish PM pledges to help marginalised women, criticises Trump prior to UN summit – The Local

Denmark’s government will give 315 million kroner (42 million euros) to support women in conflict and war zones, with US president Donald Trump having withdrawn American support in the area.Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen confirmed to broadcaster DR that the government would pledge more money to women at risk of rape, human trafficking and being married against their will.Funds are particularly needed in those areas in the current political climate, Rasmussen said.“We have a president sitting in the White House who has withdrawn from all international collaboration related to family planning,” the PM told DR.

Source: Danish PM pledges to help marginalised women, criticises Trump prior to UN summit – The Local

Sabra and Shatilla and the Palestinian Exodus


Sabra and Shatilla and the Palestinian Exodus

We are marking another date in the Palestinian Exodus; Sabra and Shatila Massacre in Lebanon in 1982 under the auspices of Ariel Sharon. It was among the marking massacres of cruelty and viciousness of a cold-blooded occupation. As years scroll by, the assumed numbers that amounted to thousands of victims in that killing, seem just another chapter in the exodus of the Palestinian people.

As if we are destined just to commemorate miseries of out own life that continue to bring on us worse miseries to add to our mess.

I am not yet sure if what is happening in these years in its exposure is a result of the outspread of social media or is it just increasing? As we insist not to forget the miseries of the past, our present is haunting us with its massive makings.

Whatever is happening in…

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Hold the Egg Sandwich: Egyptian TV Is Calling – The New York Times

Every other day or so, Hatem El-Gamasy connects to a news audience nearly halfway around the world, delivering hot takes on American politics, live from New York, but on Egyptian television.When the broadcast ends, he slips out his earpieces, opens the door of his makeshift studio and returns to his day job.“You want ketchup on that?” he said to a customer on a recent morning. “Extra ketchup as usual?”Mr. El-Gamasy owns the Lotus Deli in Ridgewood, Queens, a place known for its sandwiches, extensive craft beer selection, and its gracious, friendly owner. But few of his customers — and likely, none of his viewers in Egypt — know that the man making egg sandwiches and small talk behind the counter is the same one who appears on popular Egyptian television news programs, holding forth on subjects from immigration policy to North Korea.

Jerusalem moments of inspiration


As I am going back to my new routine in strolling in Jeruslaem and sitting on the stairs of Damascus Gate, I felt inspired once again from the energy of life by young men and women , somehow , probably like me trying to gain their feeling of ownership to the city , each in his own way.Today I was truly inspired by a group of young men who took the stairs in a break dance performance that kept evolving into a creative piece of art.

All strangers in many ways…. Gathered for one passion. It could be the love of a city , it could be the love of dance , it could be the love of photography, writing, music …. But along all this , all joined in the love of life ….

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This Week in Egypt – Week 37-2017 ( Sept 4-10)


Top Headlines

  • Bright Star’ military drills kick off between Egypt and US
  • HRW condemns Egypt ‘assembly line of torture’, government denies allegations
  • Egypt blocks HRW site after torture report is released
  • Egypt announces the discovery of a 3,500-year old pharaonic tomb belonging to a royal goldsmith
  • Egypt inflation dips in August from record highs


Main Headlines



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