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Brazilian judge approves ‘gay conversion therapy’, sparking national outrage | World news | The Guardian – idiocy, hatred, anti-science ideologies arise anew with neo-nazism and fascism!

Council president Rogério Giannini, a psychologist based in São Paulo, said its 1999 decision prohibiting “sexual conversion” therapy had already faced off other legal actions and even a proposed bill in Congress.“There is no way to cure what is not a disease,” Giannini told the Guardian. “It is not a serious, academic debate, it is a debate connected to religious or conservative positions.”He noted that the ruling also said academic research into sexual conversion therapy should be allowed, which the council has never banned.“We have no power over research,” he said. “The way it was put by the judge gave the impression that we prohibited research which is not true.”As hashtags like #curagay (“gay cure”) trended in Brazil, Twitter users used memes and GIFs to ridicule the decision.“They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no,” tweeted one Brazilian using the name Ubiratan.

Source: Brazilian judge approves ‘gay conversion therapy’, sparking national outrage | World news | The Guardian

The White House Is Doxxing America | Dame Magazine

For writers and journalists, for activists, and for people directly affected by unjust policy and legislation, asking questions, seeking justice, and speaking out is an innate part of our work, of our livelihood, of who we are as humans. The attempt to silence people through public shaming and the tacit threat of a public and threatening pile-on are tools the federal government appears to now be using to effectively silence the most vulnerable people in our society. Many are already familiar with this culture in online spaces and in some locales, but blatantly and openly bullying constituents at the Federal level in the U.S. is new. And it does not smell like democracy.

Source: The White House Is Doxxing America | Dame Magazine

Germany: AfD Accuses Google of Sabotaging Campaign – SPIEGEL ONLINE _ Google says no to hate ads, so on to Facebook and Twitter to target hate and racist political messages!

As part of its digital campaign strategy, AfD has even brought on American consultants with the Harris Media advertising agency. The Texas consulting firm specializes in customers with “controversial” messages who range from Donald Trump and the gun lobby to France’s far-right Front National. Their task is to adapt Kunkel’s print campaign for the digital world. Two Harris employees have also embedded themselves in the digital “war room” inside the AfD’s national headquarters in Berlin.But it appears that the American pros are running into hurdles — with one of the most important advertising platforms around. Officials with AfD have complained that Google is blocking large parts of its advertising campaign. “We aren’t having difficulties with any other platform,” said campaign manager Kunkel. He said that Facebook and Twitter are treating AfD like a normal customer. “But Google is sabotaging us, creating a disadvantage for us relative to our political competition.”Dividing the Pie Between Google, Facebook and TwitterThe dispute shines a spotlight on the role the U.S. Internet giants are playing in the current German election. For the first time, the criteria used by major American internet platforms to decide on what paid political content can be disseminated to their users — and what cannot — is playing a central role in a German election.

Source: Germany: AfD Accuses Google of Sabotaging Campaign – SPIEGEL ONLINE

There’s a Long History of White Kids “Play-Lynching” Black Children | Dame Magazine

It’s open season on Black lives, not only to police, government and the prison-industrial system, but in schools, and in majority-White communities. This latest near-tragedy in Claremont, New Hampshire, reminds us that Black children—whether or not they have a non-Black parent, are ultimately seen as fodder and fuel to keep White supremacy intact.And there is no true innocence anywhere. The only true form of “color-blindness”

Source: There’s a Long History of White Kids “Play-Lynching” Black Children | Dame Magazine

US-born rabbi aids East Jerusalem eviction 

It is disturbing that a rabbi would endorse an attempt to score political points by approving an age-old conspiracy theory about Jewish domination.It is equally disturbing that Packer would indulge the extremists in Charlottesville who chanted “Jews will not replace us.”Yet the depravity of the relationship between alt-right American racists and alt-right Israeli racists is becoming clearer in the Trump/Netanyahu era with supremacists such as Richard Spencer – a Duke University friend of Miller’s – referring to his pursuit of a “sort of white Zionism.”

Source: US-born rabbi aids East Jerusalem eviction | The Electronic Intifada

Man arrested for driving truck towards anti-fascist protesters in Washington state | US news | The Guardian

When the truck, which sported a Confederate battle flag decal as well as American flags, sped through the intersection of West 6th and Washington Streets, it was followed by a motorcyclist who had been seen leaving the Patriot Prayer rally. Both were stopped by police.The motorcyclist tore off his protective gear and made for counter-protesters before he was stopped. The driver of the truck was apprehended and cuffed. Vancouver police reported two arrests.Protesters claimed that a second truck, white and carrying four passengers – one wearing the black polo-shirt uniform of the “Proud Boys” group, another wearing a Donald Trump cap – was also driving at high speed through the streets, reversing and veering dangerously close to protesters.Greg Liascos, who attended the event, said he saw occupants of the second vehicle “throwing things from the truck” at counter-protesters. Occupants reportedly also used pepper spray. When a plastic bottle and a tennis ball were thrown back, the driver reportedly commenced revving the vehicle and “driving up and reversing down streets” at up to 40mph.

Source: Man arrested for driving truck towards anti-fascist protesters in Washington state | US news | The Guardian

Why we have to cut off the head of fascism again and again | Books | The Guardian

The 43 Club was founded in early 1946. It was comprised, at first, of tough, well-trained Anglo-Jewish former servicemen. These men set about disrupting the public meetings of the resurgent fascist movement. They also infiltrated it, at great personal risk, to gather intelligence – to learn their enemy’s plans so as to then sabotage them. They fought the fascists on the streets of British cities, and attracted increasing numbers to their cause. They were disciplined, principled and restrained. They were highly effective tactically, and didn’t hesitate to use brute force when it was required. By 1949 the fascist movement in Britain was effectively finished. Mosley had moved to France.Much of this is told by a founding member of the 43 Group, Morris Beckman, in an extraordinary book called The 43 Group: Battling with Mosley’s Blackshirts, published by the History Press. It’s a story of heroic resistance, also a kind of secret history of that rather murky period. I have borrowed heavily from Beckman’s account of that resistance in my new book, The Wardrobe Mistress. It is a novel of the London theatre in those years, and of the simultaneous revival of fascism in Britain. I end the story in a graveyard, with a kind of echo of the Nazi salute. Fascism may at times seem to fade away but it does not die. Whenever it raises its head, as Beckman and his friends understood and as did those protesters in Charlottesville, it must be resisted. Its head must be cut off, yet again.

Source: Why we have to cut off the head of fascism again and again | Books | The Guardian

Anti-left ′kill list′ kept by German lawyer and policeman | Germany | DW | 06.09.2017

The German Justice Ministry has confirmed that investigators found a folder containing the names, addresses and photos of “representatives of the left-wing political spectrum” which had been kept “for criminal purposes” duringlast week’s raids against suspected far-right terrorists in the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.In an answer to an official information request filed by the socialist Left party, the Justice Ministry said an investigation for “preparation of a serious act of violence against the state” had been opened against two men on August 15. The investigation is understood to be a corollary of the case against Bundeswehr soldier Franco A., who had allegedly been planning to carry out a terrorist attack while posing as a Syrian refugee.

Source: Anti-left ′kill list′ kept by German lawyer and policeman | Germany | DW | 06.09.2017

Is Doxxing Ever Okay? | Dame Magazine YES!

I don’t “out” Neo-Nazis as a hobby because I dislike “bad behavior online.” I “outed” Neo-Nazis because after I made a joke about owning a gun vaporizer, they put a Photoshopped pig nose on my Twitter avatar, put that picture on their Daily Stormer Neo-Nazi blog, and unleashed a flood of angry white men into my mentions, telling me they hoped I would be raped by black men and kill myself as a result. I “outed” Neo-Nazis because they depend on fear and silence to keep their victims compliant. I “outed” Neo-Nazis because if your fucking kid is a Neo-Nazi, you need to fucking know it, Debbie.

Source: Is Doxxing Ever Okay? | Dame Magazine