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“Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo” – Cosecha Roja

“Creí que seria algún conocido, voltié a mirarlo con toda la inocencia del mundo para intercambiar alguna mirada a modo de saludo cuando de pronto una piña en el ojo (la cuál me lo dejo así), me deja sentado. ‘Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo’. Ahí nomás traté de pararme y salir corriendo cuando otro de los pibes me agarró de la mochila, me empujó para atrás y c on el mismo impulso le pegué un cabezazo en la boca y le rompí un diente. Ahí la cosa se puso seria”.“Ya de nuevo en el piso me pegan una patada en la panza, yo le pateo la pierna, lo tiro y con mi celular lo golpeo de nuevo en la boca. Ahí el que estaba parado me levanta de los pelos y me dijo “De acá no salís, te vamos a matar”. Lo miré y le escupí la cara. Me tira al piso y me empezaron a patear entre los tres. De la nada bajó un chabón de un auto con un palo y dijo “o la cortan o los cago a palos a todos”. Se empezó a acercar le revoleó un palazo a uno y se fueron corriendo”.Más tarde habló con los medios locales. “Opino que son tristes. Y desalentadores, que te hacen tener miedo”, dijo. “Pero que tanto odio es al pedo. Podrán pegarme todo lo quieran, pero no voy a dejar de ser gay.”

Source: “Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo” – Cosecha Roja

How Do We Let Our Kids Be Kids in an Age of Terror? | Dame Magazine

This time, the killer—a lone man in a suicide bomb vest—struck at a concert by pop idol Ariana Grande, a tiny singer with an enormous, powerful voice whose fans like to wear pink kitten-eared headbands to match hers. Grande, whose journey from child star to pop artist has sometimes threatened to derail like fellow Disney veteran Britney Spears, has emerged lately as a gracious, multitalented star, adored by tween and teen girls and their mothers, the boys brave enough to admit they love her too, and young gay men.This is who the bomber decided to kill.In targeting children, what happened in Manchester gets at the very heart of terrorism. Because what is more terrifying than the thought of sending your child out into the world—into a joyous space created for her—and never seeing her alive again? We try to raise our children to be brave, but what happens to our own courage when we think about the possibility of sudden, irrevocable danger?

Source: How Do We Let Our Kids Be Kids in an Age of Terror? | Dame Magazine

Senator Busted Having Sex With His Cousin In True GOP Fashion (DETAILS)

It was also discovered during his cousin’s divorce trial that Hensley was allegedly prescribing opioids to his cousin. The senator was then said to have pointed out that there is nothing illegal about subscribing opioid prescriptions to your patient/cousin/lover.This man definitely has some strange family values and is a sad excuse for not only a senator, but a family physician.

Source: Senator Busted Having Sex With His Cousin In True GOP Fashion (DETAILS)

A Shocking Diagnosis: Breast Implants ‘Gave Me Cancer’ – The New York Times

Late last year, an alliance of cancer centers, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, issued treatment guidelines. Experts agree that the essential first step is to remove the implant and the entire capsule of scar tissue around it. Otherwise, the disease is likely to recur, and the prognosis to worsen.Not all women have been able to get the recommended treatment. Kimra Rogers, 50, a nursing assistant in Caldwell, Idaho, learned last May that she had lymphoma, from textured implants she had for more than 10 years. But instead of removing the implants and capsules immediately, her doctor prescribed six rounds of chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiation. A year later, she still has the implants.“Unfortunately, my doctor didn’t know the first line of defense,” Ms. Rogers said.She learned about the importance of having the implants removed only from other women in a Facebook group for those with the disease.Her health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, covered the chemotherapy and radiation but has refused to pay for removal of the implants, and told her that her appeal rights were “exhausted.” (Translation: health insurance companies don’t care if you die!)

TV Titan Requires Its Stations to Air Segments That Roil Its Staff – The New York Times

During the election campaign last year, it sent out a package that suggested in part that voters should not support Hillary Clinton because the Democratic Party was historically pro-slavery. More recently, Sinclair asked stations to run a short segment in which Scott Livingston, the company’s vice president for news, accused the national news media of publishing “fake news stories.”

In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill – The New York Times “Pro-Death is now GOP’s trademark!”

The overriding concern — for insurers, many workers and officials throughout the health care systems in many states — is the broad reductions proposed for Medicaid. Even for insurers that have largely abandoned the individual market, like UnitedHealth Group and Aetna, a substantial portion of their business is providing coverage under Medicaid. The same is true for many local nonprofit plans, said Ceci Connolly, the chief executive of the Alliance of Community Health Plans.Employers and others said they were also concerned about the effects on freelancers, who do not have a traditional employer but are self-employed or contract workers in the so-called gig economy.Depending on their income, those workers have shuttled between Medicaid and the individual insurance market under the federal health care law, which offered a greater level of stability, said Nell Abernathy, vice president for research and policy at the Roosevelt Institute, a left-leaning economic research organization.“A huge swath of Americans are in insecure work arrangements,” she said. “This repeals that level of security, which was not perfect, but it was a step in the right direction.”Small businesses, which were sharply divided over the original law, remained mixed in their response to the Republican bill, and there seemed little doubt that some companies would drop coverage in the absence of any penalty. The National Federation of Independent Business, which opposed the Affordable Care Act, said the House legislation was “a crucial first step toward health care reform.”In other people’s view, employees of small businesses would lose out if Medicaid were rolled back or the exchanges became threadbare, because many smaller companies rely on employees’ ability to obtain coverage through the government program or individual market.

Trump 100 Days: The Erosion of American Democracy – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Trump’s advisors and cabinet members are likewise scornful of all who would dare stand in the way of the president. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, of all people, recently criticized a judge in Hawaii for blocking Trump’s travel ban for people from majority Muslim countries. “I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific – translation: It’s not really Merican! – can issue an order that stops the president of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power,” Sessions said. White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said simply that William Orrick and his court were “going bananas.” Trump and his team can feel encouraged by the results of a February survey which found that 51 percent of the president’s supporters believe he should be able to override judicial rulings he doesn’t agree with. When both the government and its people are united in their disdain for democratic institutions, it represents a clear danger.

Source: Trump 100 Days: The Erosion of American Democracy – SPIEGEL ONLINE

To Everyone I Gave My Power To: I’d Like It Back Now. | Rebelle Society

From now on, my energy, my source of light, my power and strength will remain solely in me. I will still reach out and help care for you, listen when you need someone to talk to, hold you if you need to cry, and share in laughter that makes our sides hurt. But that is where it is going to end. I am not going to worry about your comments, second glances, critical words or looks.

I am not going to take on your problems as mine, or your goals and dreams as mine.I’m taking my power back. I’m going to bottle up all of my strength and energy, and focus internally until I can remember all of the dreams that I let disappear. Until I can feel my own talents bubbling up out of my fingertips. Until I feel like I am choking on love, beauty, and happiness when I can feel the love for me rise up in my chest.

I have given you enough of my strength to help you shine, but I’m going to take it back now so I can become my own sun.

Source: To Everyone I Gave My Power To: I’d Like It Back Now. | Rebelle Society

Trump’s New Appointee Just Said Something Beyond Idiotic About Evolution, Wow – Democratic Review

Green has come under fire for comments he has made about transgender people. He stated on record that “transgender is a disease” and that the duty of government is to “crush evil” by working against transgender rights. In these recordings, Green went on to describe why he believes in creationism, saying, “I look at the world around me and I draw the conclusion that it was made. I know God that the next step for me is to pursue you and figure out what it is and why you made me, but before all that, I can’t get away from the fact that you created me,  it is intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer.” He also dismissed the theory of relativity, saying, “The theory of relativity is a theory and some people accept it, but that requires somewhat of a degree of faith.” Many people have called on President Trump to rescind Green’s appointment. Stated Democratic congressional whip Steny Hoyer, “I strongly urge President Trump to withdraw Mark Green as his nominee for Army Secretary. Appointing someone with a clear record of homophobia and transphobia, who has made disgusting statements demeaning toward groups of Americans, would send the absolute wrong signal about the values for which our military service members are risking their lives.” Commented Columbia Law School’s Nathaniel Frank, “Green’s political ambitions reveal a full-scale messianic complex that manifests itself as a dangerous willingness to exploit the military to advance an unvarnished view of straight, white Christian supremacy. Green seems poised to substitute his own theology for fact-based, professional judgment of how to run a diverse military in twenty-first century America.” Do you think Mark Green is the wrong person to serve as Army secretary?

Source: Trump’s New Appointee Just Said Something Beyond Idiotic About Evolution, Wow – Democratic Review

Silence of a Chink: Collected pieces from a survivor of gang rape and suicide wrestling with her Japanese American identity: Stephanie Shiori Okuaki: Books

Review: Not So Silence of a Japanese True Survivor! ByTaneyshia Flemingson January 4, 2017

It was well written and brought tears to my eyes. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. Two glasses of wine later and I was finished with the book. It is hard to see someone write about so much pain and suffering, yet lives to tell you about it. This person is truly a blessing and a survivor!