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Lost Police File Helps Exonerate Man of Murder After 24 Years in Prison – The New York Times

About two weeks ago, an investigative file that had long been sought by defense lawyers was found in a box in a hallway at police headquarters. The file included witness statements that contradicted accounts that Mr. Thomas was involved. “Had that information been available at trial — and had the story of Shaurn’s presence in court at the moment the murder was committed been told correctly — prosecutors agreed the trial would likely have ended differently,” the Pennsylvania Innocence Project said in a statement. How the file got lost and was finally found was not clear. A department spokesman on Thursday said no one was immediately available to address those questions. Mr. Thomas, who studied cooking while in prison, was greeted by friends and relatives when he was released on Tuesday and headed to Red Lobster for dinner. Mr. Thomas’s legal issues are not quite over. Prosecutors could still seek a retrial on the charges, though his lawyers said that is unlikely. In a statement, Kathleen E. Martin, the first assistant district attorney, said a decision would be made “in the very near future.” “Our role is to seek justice at every opportunity and whether it be prosecuting violent criminals or reviewing cases to ensure those behind bars deserve to be there, we will carry out this duty fairly and thoroughly,” the statement said. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News reported in November that the Conviction Review Unit had not found a single case worthy of overturning, while similar units in Dallas and New York City had exonerated dozens of inmates. The Philadelphia unit announced a restructuring and hiring of new staff members in February. Many questions remain about how Mr. Thomas’s case was investigated and prosecuted, Ms. Bluestine said. “That it took 24 years to get him out of prison should shame everybody,” she said.

SPLC suit: Mississippi violates binding obligation to provide ‘uniform’ system of public education | Southern Poverty Law Center

Mississippi enshrined this requirement in the education clause of its Constitution, which the state ratified in 1869. The following year, Congress passed a law, commonly called the “Readmission Act,” allowing Mississippi to regain full statehood. The Readmission Act requires that the education rights then granted in the state constitution never be diminished.Over more than a century, however, state lawmakers have diluted the education clause multiple times. The violations began in 1890, at the start of the Jim Crow era, when delegates to the state’s Constitutional Convention crafted new governing documents with the explicit intention of disenfranchising African Americans by withholding education. Each subsequent change has further watered down the education clause. Today, because of this historical malfeasance, the state’s public schools are anything but “uniform.”

Source: SPLC suit: Mississippi violates binding obligation to provide ‘uniform’ system of public education | Southern Poverty Law Center

Dozens of Middlebury Students Are Disciplined for Charles Murray Protest – The New York Times Someone – Dickinson – really does not understand free speech rights are broader than just being polite and not reacting strongly to speech you find offensive and hateful

“They don’t understand the value of free speech at a college and what free speech really means,” Mr. Dickinson said. “I think some people are going to say we should be looking more broadly at the institution and whether we taught these students properly.”In a separate news release Tuesday, the Middlebury Police Department said it would not bring charges in connection with the protest.The department’s chief, Thomas Hanley, said in an interview that it was impossible to identify the protesters who hurt Ms. Stanger or damaged the car.“This was a number of individuals in the dark, wearing masks and black clothing, along with a bunch of college students,” he said. “It was more of a scrum. There wasn’t any assault per se.”

Congressman Al Green Threatened With LYNCHING After Calling For Trump’s Impeachment | 3CHICSPOLITICO

U.S. Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) received voicemails threatening to lynch him and calling him racial slurs after he called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, he said Saturday.Green, who is black, played the recordings for about 100 attendees at a town hall in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle. They include death threats, racial epithets and graphic language.“Hey Al Green, we’ve got an impeachment for you. It’s going to be yours,” one caller said. “It’s actually going to give you a short trial before we hang your nigger ass.”“We’ll lynch all you fuckin’ niggers,” another caller said. “You’ll be hanging from a tree.”

Source: Congressman Al Green Threatened With LYNCHING After Calling For Trump’s Impeachment | 3CHICSPOLITICO

How Do We Let Our Kids Be Kids in an Age of Terror? | Dame Magazine

This time, the killer—a lone man in a suicide bomb vest—struck at a concert by pop idol Ariana Grande, a tiny singer with an enormous, powerful voice whose fans like to wear pink kitten-eared headbands to match hers. Grande, whose journey from child star to pop artist has sometimes threatened to derail like fellow Disney veteran Britney Spears, has emerged lately as a gracious, multitalented star, adored by tween and teen girls and their mothers, the boys brave enough to admit they love her too, and young gay men.This is who the bomber decided to kill.In targeting children, what happened in Manchester gets at the very heart of terrorism. Because what is more terrifying than the thought of sending your child out into the world—into a joyous space created for her—and never seeing her alive again? We try to raise our children to be brave, but what happens to our own courage when we think about the possibility of sudden, irrevocable danger?

Source: How Do We Let Our Kids Be Kids in an Age of Terror? | Dame Magazine

In Memory of Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph – IMM Print – Medium

Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph. Jean died at the age of 27 at the Stewart Detention Center, after 19 days in a form of solitary confinement. According to ICE’s Segregation Directive, immigrants should not be held in solitary confinement for more than 14 days. But as the Trump administration curtails the enforcement of ICE’s National Standards, we are bound to see more people fall victim to inhumane detention conditions.On the morning of Jean’s final day on this earth, a volunteer with El Refugio tried to visit him. The volunteer was denied the ability to visit him. That evening, Jean was found unconscious in his cell, and ICE reported the death to be self-inflicted.“This is absolutely shameful and heartbreaking,” said Christina Fialho, an attorney and the co-executive director of CIVIC. “Visitation is empowering, healing, and socially transformative. Receiving a visit while in immigration detention can make a huge difference for a human being who is isolated from the outside world. Our hearts go out to all who loved Jean.”

Source: In Memory of Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph – IMM Print – Medium

Report: Far-right network active at German military university | News | DW | 19.05.2017

The Identitarian Movementis currently being monitored by the BfV, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, for possibly infringing on the constitution, also known as the Basic Law.The right-wing movement, with an estimated 300 members, propagates a return to what it sees as traditional national values and is accused of xenophobia and Islamophobia.The military’s counterintelligence agency, MAD, is presently examining a total of 284 cases of alleged far-right extremismin the Bundeswehr.Bundeswehr under pressureMAD investigations include four students at the Bundeswehr’s university who are suspected of having ties to far-right movements, according to SZ’s report. The MAD probe is scrutinizing potential direct or indirect links between the four students and a first lieutenant in custody since late April on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks. Franco A. and his two known accomplices had reportedly been scheming to blame refugees for the attacks. Franco A. had pretended to be a Syrian migrant himself and received subsidiary protection status in a scandal that raised many questions about how asylum applications are handled by Germany’s Office for Migration and Refugees.The case of Franco A shook the German military, whose image was already suffering after a series of abuse cases. German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen launched a major inquiry into the present state of disarray at the Bundeswehr, but has been criticized for mismanaging the crisis, and faces accusations of doing too little, too late.

Source: Report: Far-right network active at German military university | News | DW | 19.05.2017

Protest over “no-go zone for women” in Paris immigrant district – The Local AKA: White French use feminism to cover racism…

A young female reporter from The Local when walking around the area on Friday experienced catcalling. But while there were many large groups of men on Rue Pajol, at the centre of the so-called “no go zone”, the atmosphere at the time was calm and unthreatening.When the same reporter went into Café Cyclone, which protestors say is one of many local bars or cafés where only men go, the reaction was one of surprise but again, not aggressive.Counter-demo blames anti-immigrant sentiment Women and men at a counter-demonstration held at the same time as the SOS La Chapelle protest claimed that the issue of feminism was being used to hide what in reality was an anti-immigrant drive.”The majority of people in the area behave well — this is a witchhunt on immigrants,” Alice, 40, told The Local, without wanting to give her last name. “It is a complete manipulation of the truth.

Source: Protest over “no-go zone for women” in Paris immigrant district – The Local