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Boris Johnson Drags the Queen Into the Brexit Quagmire – The New York Times – Johnson willing to destroy British democracy to “win!”

The prime minister’s allies have struck back with an attack on the Scottish judiciary. In a television interview this week, one government minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, said repeatedly that “many people are saying that the judges are biased,” while another Johnson ally leveled a charge about the “liberal elite” using any means to defeat “the democratic decision of the people.” Analysts saw in that the outlines of a no-holds-barred, anti-establishment campaign that Mr. Johnson seems eager to run if an election is called.

Opinion | Political Ad Attacking AOC: ‘Beyond the Pale’ – The New York Times

It was therefore beyond appalling to me to see those horrific images used on a supposed “political ad” on ABC during the Democratic debate Thursday night. ABC — until now — has been my channel of choice for the nightly news. I cannot understand how this organization would allow such an offensive ad by a political action committee — regardless of how much was paid for it or which party it was supposed to represent. Is this what we can expect now for the remainder of this endless pre-election period? What have we come to as a nation that this can be considered acceptable?

Trump immigration policy appears to violate U.S. law, officials warn – Los Angeles Times

The L.A. Times finds the Trump administration appears to be violating U.S. law in implementing the Remain in Mexico policy, officials and lawyers warn.
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Open Thread | Rural Hospital Scam | 3CHICSPOLITICO

Their hatred was more important than their own health. Stacey Abrams certainly made Medicaid Expansion in Georgia as a main part of the platform that she ran on, yet, they let the crook and thief into office. I want to feel bad that these people were suckered, but, I’m past that point, cause it didn’t have to be this way.

Source: Open Thread | Rural Hospital Scam | 3CHICSPOLITICO

a few major health insurance companies got suspicious, as did some government officials. How could Unionville, Mo. — a town of 1,790 — generate $92 million in hospital lab fees for blood and urine samples in just six months? Why had lab billings at a 25-bed hospital in Plymouth, N.C., nearly tripled to $32 million in the year after Perez’s company took control?
The lab billings, insurers alleged, were simply fraudulent. Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurers started filing lawsuits, stopped making reimbursements and shut off the spigot.

A Mississippi church counts its missing after ICE raids – Los Angeles Times

After the massive immigration raids in Mississippi, Father Roberto Mena has lost nearly half of his parishioners at his churches in the small rural towns of Forest and Morton. Workers’ families and loved ones are flocking to St. Michael not just for devotion and prayer, but for comfort and counseling.
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The idea that Latinx people constitute an ‘invasion’ in the US is nothing new | Iván Chaar López | Opinion | The Guardian

If we want to dismantle white supremacy, we must approach immigration in a manner that centers on the human rights and dignity of Latinx people
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