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George Nader, Mueller Witness, Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Charges

The Washington Post reports that George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman and a key witness in the Mueller investigation into Russian interference during the 2016 election, pleaded guilty to child sex charges on Monday. He previously pleaded not-guilty in July of 2019. A longtime influencer of American policy, Nader has acted as a liaison between President Trump’s advisors and Mohammed bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, as well as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He also travelled to the White House several times through 2017 to meet with Steve Bannon, according to Politico.

Source: George Nader, Mueller Witness, Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Charges

Can Nuclear Power Offer a Way Out of the Climate Crisis? – DER SPIEGEL

Billionaires and leading researchers in the United States are developing next-generation nuclear reactors that are small, reputedly safe and suitable to modern power grids. They could be part of the climate change solution.
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There is no way to assure long term safety of nuclear based on profit making or tax based production and storage of spent fuel. Wind and solar work and do not threaten death from unintended leaks !!!

U.S.-Led Coalition Halts ISIS Fight as It Steels for Iranian Attacks – The New York Times -Huh? Sounds like “Who’s on First?” Routine. Stop attacking ISIS who was attacking everyone because of unsubstantiated claim that Iran allies were attacking Coalition but last year Iran was helping fight ISIS?

The cessation of American operations against the Islamic State is likely to allow what remains of the terrorist group to reconstitute itself in the ungoverned spaces it flourishes in, much as it did when Turkey invaded northern Syria in October.

Trump contradicts aides and says troops in Syria ‘only for oil’ | US news | The Guardian

Following Trump’s earlier insistence that his administration was solely interested in “keeping” Syrian oil, the US military deployed mechanised military units to oil fields in the east of the country. However, seizing or benefiting from oil on a foreign territory, without permission from the sovereign authority, would be a violation of international law. Several US officials had sought to interpret the president’s remarks as the US meant to meaning that the denying Isis access to the oil. “Our mission is the enduring defeat of Isis,” the defence secretary, Mark Esper, told reporters on Wednesday, adding: “We’re going to have about 500 to 600-ish troops there, at the end of the day.” ‘Secure the oil’: Trump’s Syria strategy leaves Pentagon perplexed Read more “A way that we ensure the enduring defeat of Isis is deny them access to the oil fields because if they have access to the oil fields, they can generate revenue. If they can generate revenue, then they can pay fighters, they can buy arms, they can conduct operations,” Esper said. On the same day however, Trump repeated his intention that the US should take possession of the oil in the region. “We’re keeping the oil. We h

Source: Trump contradicts aides and says troops in Syria ‘only for oil’ | US news | The Guardian