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IPS – Why Are Women Shut Out of Peace Talks? | Inter Press Service

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 27 2012 (IPS) – Against the backdrop of an upcoming U.N. Security Council (UNSC) meeting on women, peace and security, a coalition of some 63 international women’s groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has decried the absence of women during peace negotiations in post-conflict situations.

In a letter to Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson and Under-Secretary-General Michelle Bachelet, executive director of U.N. Women, the coalition says of the nine peace agreements that were signed last year, only two contained women and peace and security provisions.

Furthermore, out of the 14 peace processes that were underway in 2011, only four of the negotiating party delegations included a woman delegate.

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Just the Stuff Ya Know: Day 4-Dona Nobis Pacem

Today I am writing with many other bloggers about peace. Yes, peace!  We all are writing our thoughts about this simple word…peace.

Is it really a simple word though or is it much more than that?

If we can come together for a common reason say…name your holiday here…or birthday or some other celebration or cause or…

Why can we not collectively think and wish for peace?

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Mimi Writes…….: Dona Nobis Pacem ~ The Dream: Trees In The Courage of Time

I don’t have mortar shelling in my life, violence at my door or bloodshed on my streets like so many are experiencing at the moment. I have wild noises in the woods.  And trees full of lichen. Inconvenient mishaps that trip me up at the smallest sound of trouble. I’ve had a lot of that lately. And worries. Stress. Life is full of challenges big and small. How does one stay peaceful in the midst of chaos? I’ve asked that out loud quite a lot lately. You see one thing through and something else shows up to throw you off your game. And just when you convince yourself it’s OK to have a temporary pity party, you realize your blessings and the things you think catastrophic are nothing in comparison to children in the sand with no food.

Sometimes I am shadow and sometimes I am light.

That is what it means to be human.

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About the Project

There is a powerful and profound need within each of us to know that peace is possible in spite of the violence that surrounds us on so many different fronts. Ten Thousand Ripples is that reminder.

Ten Thousand Ripples is a multi-platform public art and civic engagement initiative that places artists, neighborhood leaders, and residents at the center of community-driven planning and public involvement efforts that utilizes public art as a catalyst to foster dialogue and advance innovative solutions to address contemporary social issues.

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Activists rally in European cities to support Roma, denounce discrimination

Activists rally in European cities to support Roma, denounce discriminationPARIS – Anti-racism activists, Gypsy musicians and others have gathered in European cities to protest violence and discrimination against Roma and celebrate their culture.

Dozens of people participated in the “Roma Pride” event on Paris’ Left Bank on Sunday. Organizer Benjamin Abtan said a march was held in central Prague, and there were conferences in cities from Bulgaria to Denmark.

He said “we are a demanding a Europe-wide fight against racism and discrimination” and “to celebrate the diversity of Gypsy culture, which is an integral part of European culture.”

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Slivers of Peace

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Slivers of Peace.

I wonder
Why everyone talks about peace
About a dream that didn’t come true
The peace that never existed
Or has not been born yet

In my land
Peace is a bite of bread for a laborer
New clothes for orphan kids
Shelters for homeless people
A pair of shoes for a shepherd
Cozy sleeps for mama’s children

But, here is no peace
You already abandoned my city
Maybe we were not good hosts
And made you upset,
But we always welcome you
Don’t abandon my land

By Kamilah