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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY – Jane Fonda

Here’s what I believe is the best way forward: Regardless of where we come from and what our color is or how we worship, every family wants the best for themselves and their children. But today, certain politicians and their greedy lobbyists are putting all our families at risk. They rig the rules to enrich themselves and avoid paying their fair share of taxes, while they defund our schools and threaten seniors with cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Then they turn around and point the finger for our hard times at people of color and new immigrants . . . even tearing families apart and losing children. When we reject their scapegoating and come together across racial differences we can make this a nation we’re proud to leave all of our children . . . Whether we are Democrat or Republican, white, black or brown from down the street or across the globe. We need to recognize our linked fate across race and class in order to sweep away the politicians’ dog-whistling on behalf of rule and for the rich.

Source: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY – Jane Fonda

It’s Lies Once Again! – In Saner Thought

This is just the sort of LIES that gets our asses in trouble over and over again. We trusted the Israeli intel in Lebanon in the 1980s and we kill about 100 innocent people trying to kill one person and again in the 80s when we trusted their intel and we missed Qaddafi and finally the intel from Israel has been wrong about Iranian nukes for 25 years….and now we are trusting their inept intel once again….. What do we pay the CIA to do? Maybe confirm the intel before we do something stupid like Iraq. Just a thought.

Source: It’s Lies Once Again! – In Saner Thought

Prominent Democrats Form Pro-Israel Group to Counter Skepticism on the Left – The New York Times – “The need is for balance to achieve peace, not one-sidedness.”

J Street donated just under $5 million to candidates in the 2018 election and Jeremy Ben-Ami, the group’s president, said they would at least match that in 2020. “The idea that the Democratic Party should just support the Netanyahu government, right or wrong, is out of line with where American Jews are at and where Jewish Democrats are at,” Mr. Ben-Ami said.

For Michelle Alexander’s critics, Palestinians don’t deserve civil rights | +972 Magazine

Alexander is the latest prominent Black American in recent months to vocally express — and be targeted for — her solidarity with the Palestinian people, after others like Tamika Mallory, Marc Lamont Hill, and Angela Davis faced similar public outrages and disavowals. And fourth, for why it was written: to challenge the widespread fear of backlash, held by many progressive Americans, for publicly criticizing Israel and speaking up for Palestinian rights.

Source: For Michelle Alexander’s critics, Palestinians don’t deserve civil rights | +972 Magazine

Eighty years after Kristallnacht, why my family has become German again | News | The Guardian

I was born and brought up in Britain, as a British citizen. I am not blind to its faults, nor do I deny its many virtues. But ask me how I identify myself and I will reply with a long list: I’m British, I’m European, I’m a Londoner, I’m a male, I’m a journalist, I’m a father and a husband. Less than two weeks before I acquired my German citizenship, a gunman in Pittsburgh murdered 11 Jews in a synagogue. The following day I received an email from a woman I met four years ago on a visit to Germany with my father. She wrote from Magdeburg, an ancient university town where some of my father’s family had lived, and from where three of his cousins were deported to Theresienstadt and Auschwitz. This is what she said: “It is 80 years since the synagogues were attacked here, and we all know that it was the prelude to millions of murders. Since 1945, and every year since then, when we remember what happened, we realise how important it is to fight back from the beginning.”

Source: Eighty years after Kristallnacht, why my family has become German again | News | The Guardian