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AfD: Who chooses them chooses Nazis – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Anyone who continues to vote for the AfD after this weekend wants a totalitarian state, wants the restriction of basic rights. He at least accepts a policy in the tradition of the National Socialists. Protest as an excuse is no longer valid. Even if you are afraid of foreigners, if you do not like the politics of Angela Merkel and you do not like Andrea Nahles, you should think about choosing neo-Nazis. To state that is neither left nor radical. The AfD is – in parts – against the free-democratic basic order. This has impressively proved this weekend. You have to know that as a voter. And you have to want it.

Source: AfD: Who chooses them chooses Nazis – SPIEGEL ONLINE

WHO | Plague – Madagascar

While the declining trend in new plague case reports and reduction in hospitalizations due to plague is encouraging, WHO expects more cases of plague to be reported from Madagascar until the typical plague season ends in April 2018. Sustaining ongoing operations, including active case finding and treatment, comprehensive contact identification, follow-up and antibiotic treatment, rodent and flea control, and safe and dignified burials is crucial during the outbreak and through the plague season as it is critical to minimize bubonic plague infections and human-to-human transmission of pneumonic plague.Based on available information and response measures implemented to date, WHO estimates the risk of potential further spread of the plague outbreak at national level remains high.

Source: WHO | Plague – Madagascar

Avian Flu Diary: WHO SitRep #7: Plague In Madagascar

Current risk assessmentThe risk assessment is in the process of being reviewed based on the evolving situation. While the current outbreak began with one large epidemiologically linked cluster, cases of pneumonic plague without apparent epidemiologic links have since been detected in regions across Madagascar, including the densely populated cities of Antananarivo in the central highlands and Toamasina on the east coast of Madagascar. Due to the increased risk of further spread and the severe nature of the disease, the overall risk at the national level is considered very high.

Source: Avian Flu Diary: WHO SitRep #7: Plague In Madagascar

Avian Flu Diary: Madagascar: Pneumonic Plague Update From the MOH

We’ve a new update from the Madagascar MOH on their ongoing plague outbreak – that while dated the 13th – is a summary of activity through the 12th. The trajectory of the outbreak continues to be concerning, with 561 cases now reported across 35 districts Remarkably, of those, 415 (74%) are pneumonic plague, which is normally a relatively rare presentation which spreads as a respiratory illness. Updates from the MOH are in French, and are often presented in formats that make machine translation difficult, but we can piece together the gist from the following PDF file.

Source: Avian Flu Diary: Madagascar: Pneumonic Plague Update From the MOH

WHO | Plague – Madagascar

On 23 August 2017, a 31-year-old male from Tamatave, visiting Ankazobe District in central highlands, developed malaria-like symptoms. On 27 August, he developed respiratory symptoms during his journey in a shared public taxi from Ankazobe District to Tamatave (via Antananarivo). His condition worsened and he died. His body was prepared for a funeral at the nearest hospital, Moramanga District Hospital, without safety procedures. Additionally, 31 people who came into contact with this case either through direct contact with the primary case or had other epidemiological links, became ill, and four cases of them died.The outbreak was detected on 11 September, following the death of a 47-year-old woman from Antananarivo, who was admitted to a hospital with respiratory failure caused by pneumonic plague. The public health authorities Direction de la Veille Sanitaire et de la Surveillance Epidémiologique (DVSSE) immediately launched field investigations.As of 28 September 2017, a total of 51 cases (suspected, probable and confirmed) of pneumonic plague, including 12 deaths were reported in the country. The diagnosis was confirmed by the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar by polymerase chain reaction test and using rapid diagnostic test.In addition to the 51 suspected, probable and confirmed cases of pneumonic plague, and during the same period another 53 cases of bubonic plague including seven deaths have been reported throughout the country. One case of septicaemic plague has also been identified and they were not directly linked to the outbreak.

Source: WHO | Plague – Madagascar

E.P.A. Head Scott Pruitt Falsely Asserts That Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Primary Cause Of Climate Change: Gothamist – when your children and grandchildren gasp for air, make sure they gasp Pruitt You!

Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt said that there needs to be more debate about whether carbon dioxide is a primary driver of global warming and that “I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.”

Source: E.P.A. Head Scott Pruitt Falsely Asserts That Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Primary Cause Of Climate Change: Gothamist

This Interview With Shirtless Alex Jones Will Ruin Your Day: Gothamist “Putin wannabe pose – next Trump on a horse and no shirt – my eyes, my eyes! My brain is melting!”

Alex Jones—a red-faced screaming sack of flesh who thinks the Obama administration faked the Sandy Hook massacre so they could take away Americans’ guns and now has the ear of the President of the United States—was the subject of a sprawling profile in German news magazine Der Spiegel today. At some point, the reporter had lunch with Jones, who was dressed like this:

Source: This Interview With Shirtless Alex Jones Will Ruin Your Day: Gothamist

WHO | Plague – Madagascar

On 6 December 2016, the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Madagascar alerted WHO of a suspected plague outbreak in Befotaka district, Atsimo Atsinanana region in the south-eastern part of the country. The district is outside the area known to be endemic area in Madagascar. No plague cases have been reported in this area since 1950.As of 27 December 2016, 62 cases (6 confirmed, 5 probable, 51 suspected) including 26 deaths (case fatality rate of 42%) have been reported in two adjacent districts in two neighbouring regions of the country. 28 cases, including 10 deaths have been reported from Befotaka District in Atsimo-Atsinanana Region and 34 cases including 16 deaths have been reported from Iakora district in Ihorombe Region.

Source: WHO | Plague – Madagascar

Inside Donald Trump’s echo chamber of conspiracies, grievances and vitriol – The Washington Post

In the presidential campaign’s home stretch, Donald Trump is fully inhabiting his own echo chamber. The Republican nominee has turned inward, increasingly isolated from the country’s mainstream and leaders of his own party, and determined to rouse his most fervent supporters with dire warnings that their populist movement could fall prey to dark and collusive forces.This is a campaign right out of Breitbart, the incendiary conservative website run until recently by Stephen K. Bannon, now the Trump campaign’s chief executive — and it is an act of retaliation.A turbulent few weeks punctuated by allegations of sexual harassment have left Trump trailing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in nearly every swing state. Trump’s gamble is that igniting his army of working-class whites could do more to put him in contention than any sort of broad, tempered appeal to undecided voters.The execution has been volatile. Since announcing last week that “the shackles have been taken off me,” Trump, bolstered by allies on talk radio and social media, has been creating an alternate reality — one full of innuendo about Clinton, tirades about the unfair news media and prophecies of Trump’s imminent triumph.Donald Trump’s long list of conspiracy theories Play Video2:52Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump believes there’s a global conspiracy to stop him from becoming president – but it’s not the first time he’s pushed unfounded theories. (Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)The candidate once omnipresent across the “mainstream media” these days largely limits his interviews to the safe harbor of the opinion shows on Fox News, and most of them are with Sean Hannity, a Trump supporter and informal counselor.[Trump says groping allegations are part of a global conspiracy to help Clinton]Many Republicans see the Trump campaign’s latest incarnation as a mirror into the psyche of their party’s restive base: pulsating with grievance and vitriol, unmoored from conservative orthodoxy, and deeply suspicious of the fast-changing culture and the consequences of globalization.

Source: Inside Donald Trump’s echo chamber of conspiracies, grievances and vitriol – The Washington Post