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Video: Soldiers assault woman who resists as they weld her door shut | The Electronic Intifada


When the Israeli soldiers showed up at the house on 13 August, Rania called her aunt, one of the buildings owners, who lives in Hebron’s Old City.“She arrived within half an hour,” Rania told the human rights group B’Tselem. “The officers were trying to screw the door shut just as she came in. She went up to them and tried to stop them. She pressed herself against the door and held on to it. The female soldier tried to get her away from the door, but couldn’t.”What happened next can be seen in the video above, filmed by Rania.Israeli forces did eventually weld the door shut, causing the family considerable hardship.“Before they welded the back door shut, I would go in and out of the house through the market,” Bassem explained. “Now, I have to get home by walking on the rooftops of the houses near the market. It’s dangerous at night, because the military watches the rooftops in the area.”The alternative is to go through one of the military checkpoints, where Palestinians face long delays and routine harassment.“On top of this, my wife is pregnant, and I’m worried she’ll go into labor at night and we’ll have to get to hospital,” Bassem added, noting that occupation forces rarely agree to open the emergency gate in the checkpoint.No excuse“The excuse provided by the security forces that the measure was needed to prevent ‘suspects’ from going through the house is unfounded and has no basis in reality,” B’Tselem said.“Even if there were any truth to it, it could not justify such severe harm to the al-Muhtaseb family,” B’Tselem added. “This case is another example of Israel’s policy of segregation and restrictions on Palestinian movement in central Hebron, coupled with abuse, violence and daily harassment by security forces and settlers.”As a result, life in the Old City of Hebron has become intolerable for Palestinians, and thousands have left the area – likely the intended goal of Israel’s policies.

Source: Video: Soldiers assault woman who resists as they weld her door shut | The Electronic Intifada

US-born rabbi aids East Jerusalem eviction 

It is disturbing that a rabbi would endorse an attempt to score political points by approving an age-old conspiracy theory about Jewish domination.It is equally disturbing that Packer would indulge the extremists in Charlottesville who chanted “Jews will not replace us.”Yet the depravity of the relationship between alt-right American racists and alt-right Israeli racists is becoming clearer in the Trump/Netanyahu era with supremacists such as Richard Spencer – a Duke University friend of Miller’s – referring to his pursuit of a “sort of white Zionism.”

Source: US-born rabbi aids East Jerusalem eviction | The Electronic Intifada

Mahmoud Abbas decrees sweeping internet speech restrictions | The Electronic Intifada – Anyone for Palestinian freedom?

PA crackdown on journalistsBoth Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which work together closely to control the Palestinian population under military occupation, already jail Palestinians for their postings on social media.The decree’s enactment comes as the PA oversees a wave of press violations including arrests for statements made on social media.At the beginning of June, the Palestinian Authority arrested 23-year-old Nassar Jaradat for posting on his Facebook page a call for a “people’s revolution” against the Fatah leadership – Abbas’ political faction.This week, PA intelligence agencies in the occupied West Bank arrested four journalists from several local outlets, accusing them of “leaking sensitive information.”

Source: Mahmoud Abbas decrees sweeping internet speech restrictions | The Electronic Intifada

The war on Israeli BDS supporters | +972 Magazine

Israel’s minister of strategic affairs is gathering intelligence and compiling blacklists on Israeli citizens who support the boycott movement. By Amnon Portugaly These days Gilad Erdan, Israel’s minister of public security and strategic affairs, is promoting a new law that would exclude his ministry from governmental oversight. This is a step meant to help fight the BDS movement, while also granting legitimacy to gathering intelligence on Israeli citizens who are involved in the movement to boycott Israel. [tmwinpost] In June, Haaretz reported that the Strategic Affairs Ministry, which Erdan heads, would essentially be shielded from certain provisions in the Freedom of Information…

Source: The war on Israeli BDS supporters | +972 Magazine

Israeli police confirm Netanyahu is suspect in fraud investigation | World news | The Guardian

According to a statement from the Israel Police, Harow is expected to receive six months of community service and a fine of $193,000 on separate breach of trust charges – rather than a prison sentence – in exchange for his testimony.The latest dramatic twists in the series of long-running investigations into Netanyahu, his family and close circle, have led some commentators in the Israeli media to suggest that an indictment may now be inevitable.Amid mounting calls from politicians for Netanyahu to stand down if he is charged in any of the investigations, commentators even in media usually friendly to the Israeli prime minister – including the rightwing Jerusalem Post – have begun beginning to talk about ‘alternatives’ to him.The confirmation of the seriousness of the allegations comes on the day after his wife, Sara, was again interviewed by police in a separate case relating to claims for household costs in the prime minister’s residence.

Source: Israeli police confirm Netanyahu is suspect in fraud investigation | World news | The Guardian

Settlers take over Palestinian home in Hebron | The Electronic Intifada

More than 100 Jewish settlers under Israeli military escort took over a Palestinian building in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron earlier this week.After barricading themselves in, the settlers dropped Israeli flags from the building.The building, owned by the Abu Rajab family and located next to the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron’s Old City, has been targeted by settlers for years.The site has been the subject of an ongoing legal battle, with settlers claiming they purchased the building from its Palestinian owners.Violent raidSettlers raided the building on Tuesday and returned the following day, taking over two of its three floors and moving in furniture.Videos show Israeli soldiers dragging Palestinians away from the home, while a crowd of young settlers looks on, singing and dancing to celebrate the eviction of the Abu Rajab family.

Source: Settlers take over Palestinian home in Hebron | The Electronic Intifada

Inoreader – Protests continue after newly installed al-Aqsa cameras

“The Israeli government has announced the presence of a large number of security forces, along with the cameras, for the coming six months to secure the site … These measures are neither necessary nor proportional to their purpose,” Yara Jalajel, a Palestine researcher at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, told Al Jazeera. “They exceed what Israel, the occupying power, is allowed to do to ensure safety and public order. These measures seem to aim to ensure control and impose a de facto sovereignty over the site, which Israel does not have under the law.”Usama Halabi, a lawyer and writer on Israeli surveillance practices, said that surveillance of Palestinians is already the status quo in the Old City.“I don’t understand the issue surrounding the cameras. It is definitely an intensification of the surveillance through more technically advanced cameras, but they can already see who goes in and out of al-Aqsa and the Old City,” Halabi told Al Jazeera.“The camera feeds into their computer systems and they can find out everything about me already. They can extract my whole family tree in minutes,” he added. “On a daily basis, I see tens of young men in court who they bring in after a week or two of seeing them on the surveillance cameras, and accuse them of throwing stones and they present the video proof. Some of the soldiers and guards in the Old City have built-in cameras in their headgear, and every group of soldiers that is stationed in the Old City has a handheld camera with them to film confrontations.”Still, for Palestinians, the issue of installing cameras on the entrances to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound is yet another manifestation of Israeli control over the holy site.“Agreeing to the new measures means agreeing to Israeli control over al-Haram al-Sharif and over Palestinians even more,” Shaheen said. “What matters to us is that Israel is sticking its fingers into the eyes and throats of Palestinians, and we must reject it.”

Source: Inoreader – Protests continue after newly installed al-Aqsa cameras

Inoreader – Six things that must be said about the violence in Jerusalem and West Bank

There is a solution here, and not only on the issue of Al-Aqsa and the metal detectors, which if reached with the Waqf and Jordanian authorities could calm things down very quickly. But that is only the beginning.The Israeli Right continues to make the argument that the occupation is something we can live with. (A situation in which two peoples share this land but one of them is superior and enjoys sovereignty and full civil and human rights, and the other is eternally subjugated and without full rights.) That is not a possibility.We cannot keep nearly two million people in Gaza under siege without water, electricity, or a functioning health system. We cannot keep more than two million people in the West Bank locked behind concrete walls and hi-tech fences while Israel continues to control every aspect of their daily lives — arresting elected officials and activists, deciding who can leave the country, which goods can be imported and exported, who can travel to work or to the hospital within the West Bank, which plots of land can be seized for settlement construction, and more.We cannot continue to insist on a united Jerusalem, which is actually divided between Jewish “citizens” and Palestinian “residents” (a status that can be revoked at any time), between those for whom authorities build homes and invest in education and infrastructure and social services, and those sentenced to poverty. We cannot allow a future in which discrimination between Jews and Arabs is an unquestioned characteristic of our country.None of that is sustainable. Or, to be more precise, we can’t expect a pastoral, quiet and peaceful future while those oppressive and discriminatory systems remain in place. We learn that painful lesson again and again, and yet — we refuse to learn it at all. There is another way. We can instead end the occupation and walk down a path of peace and full equality. Without that, our lives will be filled with the endless repetition akin to the terrifying reality of the past few days. Any discussion of the events of the past week that doesn’t address the broader context is disconnected from reality.

Source: Inoreader – Six things that must be said about the violence in Jerusalem and West Bank

Jerusalem is not a place to live…Jerusalem is a place to be | nadiaharhash

As we are entering the third week after the closure of Al Aqsa and installing the electric gates. Jerusalem is still holding tight with a resilience that is not far from the people of this city. The price is continuing to be high as clashes are not stopping and martyrs are increasing. But yet, the scene of people gathering for each prayer time in front the different gates of al Aqsa, despite what seems to be a real curfew on the old city gives a sense of strength that cannot be destroyed.

Source: Jerusalem is not a place to live…Jerusalem is a place to be | nadiaharhash