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Why You Can Smell a Fart Though a Mask

if you’re getting ready to argue this with somebody who tells you that masks don’t work, be aware that they may argue that masks can’t block viruses at the same time they argue that masks are harmful because they block air. Both of these can’t be true at the same time, so you may want to ask them to clarify their position (does it filter too well, or not well enough?) before you proceed.

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US daily coronavirus deaths surpass 1,000 for first time since June


US death toll at more than 142,000 while Trump admits Covid-19 crisis will ‘get worse before it gets better’

Daily deaths due to Covid-19 on Tuesday surpassed 1,000 for the first time in the US since the start of June, as Donald Trump admitted the crisis would “get worse” before it got better.

The seven-day average for the number of deaths in the country has been slowly rising this month, according to multiple data analyses, and went past the 1,000 mark on Tuesday, taking US fatalities to more than 142,000. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has forecasted that the country will reach 150,000 deaths by early August.

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Donald Trump Will Deploy Federal Agents to Chicago as Part of Nationwide ‘Anti-Violence’ Operation

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had strong words for the president at a Tuesday news conference; “We welcome actual partnership, but we do not welcome dictatorship,” the Democrat mayor said. “We do not welcome authoritarianism, and we do not welcome the unconstitutional arrests and detainments of our residents, and that is something I will not tolerate.”

But she also sent a letter to Trump on Monday saying the city would welcome federal support in specific areas, The Post writes, including drug enforcement and pursuing illegal firearm traffickers. yi8pa2wet479ua3cqi6c.jpg

Throughout his presidency, White House occupant Donald Trump has had an obsession with Chicago.

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Trump sending federal agents to Albuquerque


Trump sending federal agents to Albuquerque

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Albuquerque — Targeting a city that is battling the spread of the coronavirus, Trump announced Wednesday that he is sending federal agents to Albuquerque. This comes as federal agents in Portland, including US Border Patrol agents, continue to beat and gas protesters and the moms and dads who have joined the

COVID-19 Vaccines By Oxford, CanSino And Pfizer All Trigger Immune Responses — Note

Volunteers who got the vaccine candidates made antibodies and T cells against the coronavirus By Tina Hesman Saey Science News Jul 21, 2020 At 12:46 PM More coronavirus vaccine candidates have passed initial safety tests and induce immune responses that might protect against the virus. All volunteers in a small clinical trial who were given an […]

COVID-19 Vaccines By Oxford, CanSino And Pfizer All Trigger Immune Responses — Note