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On This National Friendship Day, Thank You! 🤗

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos

Today is National Friendship Day. Last week we celebrated International Day of Friendship, and as we already know, especially on this forum, friendships and relationships empower, and they are priceless as we thrive globally.

To all of my friends
whether you are near or far
thank you from my heart.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Image Credit:Linnaea Mallette

Image Credit:Kennet Kjell Johansson Hultman

Image Credit: George Hodan

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Snarky Snippets For A Sunday Afternoon

Filosofa's Word

Ahhhhh … nothing like a peaceful, lazy Sunday afternoon, right?  Curl up with a good book, maybe have a little bit of a kip, take a look at the news and BOOM … the peace is shattered, the nerves are jangled, and the snark finds its way into a blog post!

Sorry, no books today!

In the small town of Jamestown, Michigan, population 9,630 as of the 2020 census, the library may soon close.  Lack of interest?  No way!  The people in this town love their library, but the taxpayers voted against funding the library earlier.  Why?  A handful of residents – less than 50 – complained about books in the library written by or about LGBTQ people, saying their intent was to ‘groom’ children.  The library director was harrassed to the point that she finally resigned, as did the next in line for her job.

Larry Walton, the library…

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Joevic Africa

The death toll from violence in Gaza has risen to 29, including six children, the health authorities in Gaza said Sunday, correcting a previous statement that had said 32 people were killed. Rocket sirens sounded and explosions were heard in Israeli communities west of Jerusalem on Sunday, Reuters cited witnesses as reporting. That indicated possible […]


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Sunrise and sunset times in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA

Just because – sometimes you just have to know… grin.

Select link below and then you can enter your own city and state and see when the sun rises and sets for tis month or any that you select. Also length of day and some other useful facts. Enjoy.

Source: Sunrise and sunset times in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA

An Evergreen Loan

Kaushal Kishore

I used to take pride 
I would never be indebted
to anyone in my life,
but my friends’ love
has compelled me
to change my stance forever,
their love is a loan to me,
an evergreen loan,
let it grow further every day,
let me be in debt forever,
so that I can pay periodically
interest thereon,
to keep this beautiful relationship
alive forever…

Happy Friendship Day 🎉💖💐

P.S. Trees and plants also love company. Peter Wohlleben, a German forest scientist has concluded in his book ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ that there is friendship among trees. They can form bonds, feel love and communicate using scent with one another. If you help individual trees by getting rid of their supposed competition, the remaining trees are bereft. Let’s learn something worthwhile from plants and trees on this day.

–Kaushal Kishore

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♫ Photographs And Memories ♫ (Redux) — Filosofa’s Word

This is one of my favourites by the late, great Jim Croce.  I planned to go in search of a new song, something I hadn’t played before, but I’m too exhausted tonight, so … Jim Croce volunteered to step in and give our ears a treat! Photographs and Memories is the title song from Jim […]

♫ Photographs And Memories ♫ (Redux) — Filosofa’s Word

Learning Empathy, on Day 23/67? — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

My thoughts on  Day 23 of my 67 night-school class set of lesson plans for GED/HiSet learners, turn ton wondering how to help build a kinder world.     How, or what ideas do you have on this, could we help build more empathy into our society?     Sorry, I am […]

Learning Empathy, on Day 23/67? — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story