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Alvis’ world : The clever bunnies


It so happened that one day at Alvis’ school, all the teachers were called to a meeting and the children were left unattended. Ms Molly left some work on the board for all the children and she divided the class into two groups. The children were to work together in each group to finish the work on the board.

The first group did as instructed and together they began working on the work Ms Molly had left them.

As for the second group, the group that Alvis was in, they thought it best to play and have fun first before doing Ms Molly’s work. And so Alvis and his friends played and enjoyed themselves, forgetting all about the work on the board. Time flew by and they didn’t notice, the games they were playing made them forget about the task they needed to do.

The meeting ended and the teachers…

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True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind

My experience

True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind. We may look independent, but our mind is tied in many bonds. Sometimes we run towards social media for happiness and sometimes towards relatives. But, this happiness does not last. We all want to be happy, but real happiness comes only when we are spending time leisurely, we take small decisions in life and we are not under any kind of pressure, our mental Do not depend on anyone else for peace. But we connect our happiness with such things, which we do not insist on. Therefore, when difficulties arise, patience begins to be answered. Liberate yourself from mental slavery. No one else but ourselves can liberate our mind.

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La poalele vulcanului — ore de drum

Teotihuacan, 2019 Aztecii susțin că al cincilea soare ar fi cel pe care-l vedem strălucind peste lumea de azi, creată chiar aici, la Teotihuacan, în succesiunea unor lumi imperfecte, guvernate de alți patru sori. E ultimul ciclu solar înainte de sfârșitul lumii, zic ei. Construit de muncitori de pe tot continentul sud-american, însuflețiți de convingerea […]

La poalele vulcanului — ore de drum

Tomorrow Rising


Yesterday was so different
before the virus arrived
a shock pressing us to put
petty differences aside

Yesterday sweet memories
no Nova Scotia killing spree
few horrors we have seen
yesterday near blemish free

Finding our way through
or finding our way back
old roads all leading wrong
we must lay a better track

A trail of love and only love
of peace and kindness for good
no more hating on unknowns
in ways only fearful would

We say we want no fear
we preach only love and light
yet we ignore those on social media
as if they transmit blight

What if reaching out
was all we ever had to do
to leave one softly kissed
by the essence that is you

We say we want no hurt
then rush to stock up arms
eyes shrouded over in wool
or worship of false charms

There is no merit in…

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Journée de la Terre — Le journal des Jum’s

Journée de la Terre   Aujourd’hui, en ce 22 avril, nous célébrons la 51ème journée mondiale de la Terre. Cette journée qui a lieu chaque année, pour rappeler l’importance de la nature et de la préservation de la planète. Afin de sensibiliser les populations du monde entier sur les thématiques environnementales.   Les origines de…

Journée de la Terre — Le journal des Jum’s

High Deductible Health Plans and Risk


Those with national health insurance can read this and chuckle. For the rest of us . . . .

An article appeared today in Employee Business News regarding consumer bias against high deductible health plans (HDHPs), and that these plans represent a better value than traditional plans for many people.(1)

That may be true if

  1. You have a choice about the type of plan.
  2. You have access to a Health Savings Account or other tool to pay the expenses the HDHP doesn’t.
  3. You have the money to put into a Health Savings or Health Reimbursement Account without impacting what you need for rent or food.
  4. And/or you have a pile of cash and can self-insure against what HDHPs don’t pay.

In other words, if you healthy and rich, an HDHP may make sense. Or concierge care. Or self-insurance.

When people talk about how good a health insurance plan is, they…

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India records more than 3 Lakh cases with World Biggest Daily Spike — daneelyunus

India reported 3.14 lakh new coronavirus cases with a record 2,104 deaths on April 22 as per the health ministry and is the fastest increases in cases and deaths since the pandemic began in the year 2019. Earlier more than 2 lakh corona cases are being recorded everyday since April 15. Experts are not sure […]

India records more than 3 Lakh cases with World Biggest Daily Spike — daneelyunus

Violência doméstica cresce durante a Pandemia — comigo! (Violence against women grew during the Pandemic period. And despite this ‘growth’ there was a drop in complaints.)

A violência contra a mulher cresceu no período da Pandemia. E, apesar desse ‘crescimento ‘ houve uma queda de denuncias. Isso significa que esses registros envolvendo a agressão de gênero, ou seja, a agressão contra a mulher tem diminuído significativamente. De acordo com dados do governo Federal, os canais Dique 100 e Ligue 180, registrou-se […]

Violência doméstica cresce durante a Pandemia — comigo!