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Day 46/67 of Five Month GED, Libraries, and Adulting — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

The public library system, and supporting free access by all residents to high quality branch libraries, is another responsibility of being an Adult in a republic.  End of week 12/18 Day 46, Week 12 Grammar: subordinating conjunctions Math: simplifying cubic roots Have you studied your Earth, Biological, Physical, and Health Sciences study sections? Day 46 […]

Day 46/67 of Five Month GED, Libraries, and Adulting — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

We Hardly Consider How Much Worse Things Could Have Been

Motivation & Environment

No matter the situation you’re in, things could have been much worse than they have been. If you unfortunately lose money, take note that you could have lost all your property. If you unfortunately lose your job, take note that you could have lost your life.

That’s just the way it is: generally, we’re not in charge of many things in life and in our lives. So, even if we get into a seriously challenging and trying situation—worst case scenario—we have to hope for the best outcome while being thankful that the trying situation isn’t much worse.

Accepting the challenges posed by your worst obstacles or unfortunate circumstances—rather than rejecting or resenting them—can help you become a different and stronger person who is better adjusted to the reality of the constraints or challenges from terrible situations.

The constraints in life can still lead us to our desired destination

Oftentimes, it…

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Covid Casualties

RIP Michelle Stani – new mother


Michelle Stani was a 37-year-old New Jerseyan. A devoted mother of three, she was working on a masters degree in early childhood education. She gave birth to her fourth child in December, but never got the chance to hold him.

She could be any professional woman in the prime of life. She was an attractive and energetic blonde, smart dresser, obviously intelligent and focused on kids. She could be any woman in any upper middle class neighborhood.

She died of Covid pneumonia less than three weeks after giving birth.

And Covid is a disease we’re supposed to learn to live with?

Michelle Stani Source

There’s a Go Fund Me account to raise funds for her surviving children.


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Myanmar’s Rebels Get Resourceful With Improvised Drones – bellingcat

…Over the Christmas and New Year period, two videos were posted by two separate groups, each showing makeshift explosive munitions being carried and dropped by small drones. In the first video, posted in late December by the Karenni Generation Z Army (KGZ), a small team is shown launching a DJI Phantom drone modified with a release mechanism and armed with a small munition. The second video, posted by the Aung San Force-MPDF on 2nd January, shows six strikes, as well as footage from drones observing what seem to be indirect fire attacks.

According to the news website Myanmar Now, the KGZ is a rebel group active in the Kayah State in the country’s east. The Aung San Force, meanwhile, is reported by Myanmar Now to be a self-organising resistance group. Both were reportedly formed in the aftermath of the February 2021 coup, which resulted in protests and a brutal military crackdown. …

Source: Myanmar’s Rebels Get Resourceful With Improvised Drones – bellingcat

Thoughtful Thursdays, Stayed on Freedom’s Call page 47, and Song

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

       How do melodies help keep us going, and even connect us to community?

     I wrote this book in the belief that song is a powerful way to help bring people together, and that remembering the stories around those songs can help us learn from our history.  I hope, as we come to the end of my book, Stayed on Freedom’s Call, that this journey has been a valuable one for you (last week was Page 46…):


” …  7.   Washington Ethical Society: 7750 16th Street NW

Proudly built in Shepherd Park specifically because it was an integrated neighborhood. This humanist congregation is part of the history of Civil Rights, and the present of community cooperation.

Sometimes you can hear folks standing outside the building, next door to the former home of NAACP lawyer Frank Reeves, singing:

“I woke up this morning with my mind,

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Day 45/67: Five Month GED, Community Colleges, and, Local Laws

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

   Aside from simplifying mathematical roots, Adulting often involves simplifying the roots of complex social and logical problems, too.  Seeing through false arguments, distinguishing red herrings from truth, finding the root cause of a situation, all require logical and persistent thinking, developed by mathematics. morgan_community_college  Community colleges are one good place to learn these skills.

   Local colleges can also be good resources for finding local laws and policies.

 Middle of week 12/18
Day 45 lesson plan

Grammar:  Coordinating conjunctions

Simplify Roots
Day 45 Exit Ticket
(Day 44 … Day 46)

Action Items:

1.) Search for two different reps in your state for whom you are a constituent.

2.) Email them to ask for increased Community College funding.

3.) Share  how each of the reps responded.



Click here to read, if you like:

Narrative and Prose Nonfiction,     

Holistic High School…

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Faktor-faktor menyebabkan kerusakan lingkungan hidup dan keanekaragaman hayati bersifat multidimensi.

vberg Y

Faktor-Faktor Menyebabkan Kerusakan Lingkungan Hidup.

Admin vberg Y|20 Januari 2022|92650 kali

1. Faktor Alam

Kerusakan lingkungan hidup karena faktor alam terjadi karena adanya bencana alam, seperti banjir, gempa bumi, dan gunung meletus.

2. Banjir

Selain karena ulah manusia, banjir juga dapat terjadi karena faktor alam, misalnya hujan yang terus-menerus. Curah hujan seperti ini akan membuat sungai meluap atau membuat tanggul jebol karena tidak mampu lagi menampung debit air. Banjir yang sering terjadi saat musim penghujan dapat membuat bangunan dan tempat tinggal makhluk hidup rusak, lapisan tanah yang subur hilang terbawa air, serta tanaman-tanaman rusak.

4. Gempa Bumi

Gempa bumi terjadi karena adanya pergerakan lempeng bumi atau aktivitas gunung berapi dan dampaknya bergantung pada besarnya kekuatan gempa. Gempa bumi akan mengakibatkan banyak bangunan yang roboh, terjadi tanah longsor, dan terputusnya jalur transportasi. Jika kekuatan gempa sangat besar, kemungkinan akan menimbulkan tsunami.

5. Gunung Berapi Meletus

Saat meletus, gunung berapi akan mengelurakan…

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