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Trump in Brussels: ‘The Germans Are Bad, Very Bad’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE

According to a report in the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, many EU officials were appalled by how little the Americans appeared to know about trade policy. The guests from Washington seemed not to be aware that EU member states only negotiate trade treaties as a bloc. According to the paper, Trump’s chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn, claimed during meetings, for example, that different customs tariffs are in place between the U.S. and Germany than between the U.S. and Belgium.

Source: Trump in Brussels: ‘The Germans Are Bad, Very Bad’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Trump slams Germany′s trade surplus with the US, threatens to stop car sales | Europe | DW | 26.05.2017

During meetings with EU leaders, US President Donald Trump threatened to halt the sale of millions of German cars in the US. In comments leaked to German press he said Germany was acting in a “bad” or “nasty” way.

Source: Trump slams Germany′s trade surplus with the US, threatens to stop car sales | Europe | DW | 26.05.2017

Lost Police File Helps Exonerate Man of Murder After 24 Years in Prison – The New York Times

About two weeks ago, an investigative file that had long been sought by defense lawyers was found in a box in a hallway at police headquarters. The file included witness statements that contradicted accounts that Mr. Thomas was involved. “Had that information been available at trial — and had the story of Shaurn’s presence in court at the moment the murder was committed been told correctly — prosecutors agreed the trial would likely have ended differently,” the Pennsylvania Innocence Project said in a statement. How the file got lost and was finally found was not clear. A department spokesman on Thursday said no one was immediately available to address those questions. Mr. Thomas, who studied cooking while in prison, was greeted by friends and relatives when he was released on Tuesday and headed to Red Lobster for dinner. Mr. Thomas’s legal issues are not quite over. Prosecutors could still seek a retrial on the charges, though his lawyers said that is unlikely. In a statement, Kathleen E. Martin, the first assistant district attorney, said a decision would be made “in the very near future.” “Our role is to seek justice at every opportunity and whether it be prosecuting violent criminals or reviewing cases to ensure those behind bars deserve to be there, we will carry out this duty fairly and thoroughly,” the statement said. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News reported in November that the Conviction Review Unit had not found a single case worthy of overturning, while similar units in Dallas and New York City had exonerated dozens of inmates. The Philadelphia unit announced a restructuring and hiring of new staff members in February. Many questions remain about how Mr. Thomas’s case was investigated and prosecuted, Ms. Bluestine said. “That it took 24 years to get him out of prison should shame everybody,” she said.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump has fueled violence against journalists | Richard Wolffe | US news | The Guardian

The candidate is of course now president of the United States, who calls the media “the enemy of the American people.”This is not a small development in the long history of shocking Trumpisms.AdvertisementYou don’t need to take the Guardian’s word for it. Here’s the opinion of William McRaven, the former special ops commander and architect of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden: “This sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime,” he told journalism students at the University of Texas earlier this year.Yes, journalists are important. So important that the founding fathers cited the freedom of the press in the first amendment to the constitution. At the start of the Bill of Rights, it’s sandwiched between the freedom of religion and the right to petition the government.Journalism is so important that the Massachusetts constitution says this: “The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom in a state: it ought not, therefore, to be restrained in this commonwealth.”

Source: Make no mistake: Donald Trump has fueled violence against journalists | Richard Wolffe | US news | The Guardian

Trump (accidentally) makes Corsica Italian again – The Local

US President Donald Trump appeared to make an embarrassing geography gaffe when he shared a map showing the locations of his first foreign trip since taking office.On the map, the countries which Trump is visiting over this week were outlined in white – but there was a surprising addition within Italy’s borders.Corsica – which is a French region – appeared to have been labelled part of Italy.READ ALSO: High security and protest plans: Rome prepares for Trump’s visitIn fact, the Mediterranean island, which lies north of Sardinia, hasn’t been part of Italy since the 18th century, when it was ruled by the Republic of Genoa.After that, it declared independence in 1755, before being conquered by France 14 years later.It didn’t take long for some social media users to spot the error, with a thread on Reddit titled “Thanks Donald for giving us back Corsica!”Corsica is granted more autonomy than France’s other regions, but the island is home to a number of nationalist and independence movements which oppose French dominance.READ ALSO: France refuses to make Corsican an official languageItaly occupied Corsica for one year during the Second World War, and an early 20th century nationalist movement known as Italian irredentism promoted the Italian annexation of the island, particularly under Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime.In a short article, the editors of Corsica Oggi, a news site based in the island, mused: “Could the American president in reality be an Italian irredentist? Or simply ignorant?”The map also appeared to show the Vatican as being a city in Italy, when in fact Vatican City is a city-state.And it wasn’t the first geographical mix-up Trump has made on his trip.After arriving in Israel, the president reportedly said he had “just come from the Middle East”, a comment which appeared to puzzle Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, considering the country is located in the Middle East.He has also previously called Belgium, where he will travel tomorrow, a “beautiful city”.

Source: Trump (accidentally) makes Corsica Italian again – The Local

In Memory of Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph – IMM Print – Medium

Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph. Jean died at the age of 27 at the Stewart Detention Center, after 19 days in a form of solitary confinement. According to ICE’s Segregation Directive, immigrants should not be held in solitary confinement for more than 14 days. But as the Trump administration curtails the enforcement of ICE’s National Standards, we are bound to see more people fall victim to inhumane detention conditions.On the morning of Jean’s final day on this earth, a volunteer with El Refugio tried to visit him. The volunteer was denied the ability to visit him. That evening, Jean was found unconscious in his cell, and ICE reported the death to be self-inflicted.“This is absolutely shameful and heartbreaking,” said Christina Fialho, an attorney and the co-executive director of CIVIC. “Visitation is empowering, healing, and socially transformative. Receiving a visit while in immigration detention can make a huge difference for a human being who is isolated from the outside world. Our hearts go out to all who loved Jean.”

Source: In Memory of Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph – IMM Print – Medium

UPDATES: One Dead, Multiple Injured After Times Square Driver Plows Through Pedestrians: Gothamist

The Bronx resident was arrested for two DWIs in 2008 and 2015. (The Queens DA says Rojas pleaded down his 2008 DUI to a violation. The case is sealed.) The Times reports that the driver “appeared to have been either drunk or on drugs.”

Source: UPDATES: One Dead, Multiple Injured After Times Square Driver Plows Through Pedestrians: Gothamist

Trump’s pick for top USDA scientist isn’t one | Pesticide Action Network

Just who is Trump’s latest nominee then? Clovis is a conservative radio talk show host who was unsuccessful in a 2014 run for Senate in his native Iowa. He has no professional experience in food or agriculture, and is openly skeptical of climate change. He was co-chair of Trump’s campaign and has since been serving as the Department of Agriculture’s senior White House adviser.

Source: Trump’s pick for top USDA scientist isn’t one | Pesticide Action Network

“Total Monster” David Clarke Appointed To Department of Homeland Security

Clarke accused Black Lives Matter of joining forces with ISIS to bring down the United States, and called them a domestic hate group and a terrorist group. He lashed out at the Women’s March, describing the march as a “freak show” and a “riot” full of “creeps.” His sexism was out in full force when he decided to call Hillary Clinton “Mrs. Bill Clinton” and declared, bizarrely, that she was not good enough to even be an “elected dog catcher.” Clarke’s Twitter presence is about as unhinged as Donald Trump’s, who he loves.But Clarke’s actions as sheriff are far more terrifying than his words. Clarke currently faces two federal lawsuits for the death of four people at Milwaukee County Jail last year. One of those deaths involved torturing an inmate via slow and fatal dehydration, who pled to jail staff for water for ten days. Clarke’s jail staff also ignored and neglected a pregnant woman who gave birth in her jail cell. The newborn baby died and county prosecutors are considering criminal charges for neglect. His “deplorable” maintenance of his own jail, which on average kills two people every year, make him a super-villain addition to a federal department that’s made it its sole prerogative to make minority lives hell for the next four years.And those are just some of his greatest feats. Jezebel has a more exhaustive run down of Clarke’s bizarre, terrifying, racist, sexist and downright nonsensical views, actions and comments.The Department of Homeland Security has not yet confirmed Clarke’s appointment, but it’s probabaly too much to hope that they have the decency to refrain from appointing a racist murderer. While it’s exhausting to keep a tab on all of the callous, appalling actions of the Administration, we have to keep watching and name/shame all of the people, particularly Republicans, who remain silent as the Trump administration fills the federal government with the scourge of American bureaucracy, ferreting out the most vitriolic of the racists to staff their departments.

Source: “Total Monster” David Clarke Appointed To Department of Homeland Security