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I was born in Ethiopia and remember having most of my mother’s family close by as I grew. Some aunts and uncles were already in the US, specifically to further their studies, and my sister (the only one I have) went on a trip with my grandparents to visit those aunties and uncles in Boston. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it were, my sister had an accident that brought her under the scrutiny of specialist doctors who diagnosed her with scoliosis. She needed surgery and so she, along with my grandparents, stayed longer than expected to find her medical care.At the same time, my parents were more directly feeling the repression of the current authoritarian regime in Ethiopia. It was 1986 and Mengistu Hailemariam was in power then. My father was most targeted and suffered through detention before it was decided that we could no longer stay there with out risking further harm. My mother and I left my father and traveled to Boston on our own. There, we were met by my sister, whom I hadn’t seen in what seemed to my 5 year old self as years. We lived with my mother’s parents and her brother and sister for a couple of years until my father was finally able to travel and join us. Since the my parents have worked on creating a new life for themselves. My father worked various jobs: cashier, taxi driver, security guard and my mother did the same (except for the driving part, she has always been a nervous driver). And my sister and I grew up in the US. Somewhat local, but the feeling that we were foreign or different ever present in our lives. I spoke to my mother right after the Executive Order banning Muslim travel came into effect. She lamented how she thought she had left a place like this. She was sad that she now has to encounter a world order that she was much too familiar with 30 years ago; a repressive and discriminatory government that she desperately needed to escape, but somehow has followed her still.Why did your family come to the United States?My family came to the United States to escape government persecution and repression.What would the U.S. be missing out on if you or your people were banned?A family who doesn’t feel like the holiday season has started until they have seen Die Hard at least 3 times. A mother and father who regularly help with their weekly church service. Two young black sisters who watch Seinfeld still and feel it resonate in their lives.

Source: #BanThis

I Kept Feeling the Women’s March on Washington Lacked Passion, But Then I Figured the Real Problem – The Ladies Finger The Ladies Finger

As I chanted “No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA,” I looked into the faces of the marchers around me, and I got my answer: Americans are not accustomed to this. Most of these hundreds of thousands of people had probably never been to a protest before, and never marched with their children and their parents and screamed at the top of their lungs in the middle of a metropolitan road. This was their first time, their introduction to taking the streets. What I assumed was a lack of passion turned out to be something equally important: a first step. The million people: women, men, children, and allies who marched on Washington, did not have the experience of fighting against overt oppression, but they knew they needed to show up; they knew they must be united in the face of a new era that will have them fight for the rights they have long taken for granted. On this day, the American Woman showed up, she rose to the occasion, and though she was hesitant, she was determined.We arrived at the White House, filling the National Mall with pink pussy hats and chants of “my body, my rights”, and made our presence known. Soon after people started to scatter, but for the rest of the day, one could not go anywhere without running into someone with a sign or a pussy hat. This may not be the desperate protest that started a revolution against a Middle Eastern dictatorship, but it is the American woman beginning her fight. The movement has begun.

Source: I Kept Feeling the Women’s March on Washington Lacked Passion, But Then I Figured the Real Problem – The Ladies FingerThe Ladies Finger

When Good People Don’t Act | Dame Magazine

History remembers us for our actions, not our intentions, after all. Do you want to be the one who trembled in the corner while someone suffered or the person who spoke up bravely, with a quaver in your voice, and made a difference?

Source: When Good People Don’t Act | Dame Magazine

Buffy Sainte Marie – “I’m Going Home” – YouTube

Buffy Sainte Marie’s ”I’m Going Home” Lyrics

Heaven isn’t so far away as people say

I got a home high in my heart

Heaven is right where I come from; I never throw it away

I know the place and I’m going home

I’m going home

I’m going home

See up there, it’s not the same

They know your name

And I’m not ashamed to need it

I’m going home

I’m going home

I’m going home

You keep on knocking but I’m not coming out of this state I’m in

I’m travellin’ right, I’m gonna get there soon

I’m standing up praying, I’m singing

Saying Heyo ha ha heyo ha hey ya

I know the way and I’m going home.

I’m going home

I’m going home

That’s where the heart can rest

The best is there

And only a fool would leave it. I’m going home

I’m going homeI’m going home

I’m going home

I been around, I been to town

Hey, where you think I learned right from wrong

And I’m going home

I’m going home

Wish You Would Listen: A Very Short Playlist Because You Missed the Whole Point of Feminism – The Ladies Finger – why are people so afraid?

Obviously, this never happened. The part where Princess Nokia showed up, I mean. But I wish it did, because the other stuff – being asked to leave spaces, or prove my gender, happens all the time.In bathrooms, at airport security checks, at the movie theatre, on our local buses. Everywhere. Friends and family (often self-titled feminists), tell me to “Dress more like a girl. Or at least grow your hair out.” They point to my jeans, my short hair and my beat-up sneakers, and say, “What more do you expect?” This is a playlist for all the people who have offered me snatches of discordant wisdom and jarring insights, and to anyone who relies on gender binaries to question the validity of an individual’s rights and way of life.

Source: Wish You Would Listen: A Very Short Playlist Because You Missed the Whole Point of Feminism – The Ladies FingerThe Ladies Finger

Siri Hustvedt: ‘Trump was elected because misogyny is alive and well’ | Books | The Guardian

“He was elected because his exploitation of the big lie technique worked, because misogyny is alive and well among women and men,” she says. “He was elected because, as a study at Yale demonstrated, when faced with an identical description of an ambitious politician, both men and women respond to a female candidate with feelings of ‘moral outrage’, but have no such feelings for a power seeking male candidate.” It goes back to what she has been saying about the science of perception, the kinds of expectations we have for men versus those for women. “If she’s emotional, then she’s like a woman. If she’s not emotional, then she’s cold and heartless,” she says of Clinton. “Whereas Trump actually has played the female role: the out of control, angry hysteric. And yet, he has been perceived as a robust, masculine figure by a large portion of the US public. The possibilities for a woman are infinitely more narrow.”

Source: Siri Hustvedt: ‘Trump was elected because misogyny is alive and well’ | Books | The Guardian

Humans of New York

“I grew up in the suburbs. I used to think that I could write a prescription for a poor man: ‘Get a job, save your money, pull yourself up by the bootstraps.’ I don’t believe that anymore. I was ignorant to the experiences of poor people. I’d invite anyone to come and meet the people who live in this neighborhood. Right now we are surrounded by working poor people. These are the people who sell your tools at Sears, and fix your roofs, and take care of your parents, and mow your lawns, and serve your meals. They’re not getting a living wage. There’s no money left to save. There’s nothing left if they get sick. Nothing left if their car breaks down. And God forbid they make a mistake, because there’s nothing left to pay fines or fees. When you’re down here, the system will continue to kick dirt in your face. You can’t pull yourself up when there’s nothing to grab onto. We aren’t paying our brothers and sisters enough to live. We want them to serve us, but we aren’t serving them.”

Source: Humans of New York

PETITION: We Stand with Standing Rock: Stop DAPL! End the Violence! Honor Treaties! | United For Peace and Justice

PETITION: We Stand with Standing Rock: Stop DAPL! End the Violence! Honor Treaties!Militarized police (from Indiana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wyoming) have taken a side and are organizing with DAPL and the National Guard to suppress Indigenous Peoples and their supporters, initiating unwarranted violent force against nonviolent water and land protectors in a chilling reenactment of a deeply buried history. Please sign the following petition to make it stop!We the undersigned support the many Native Nations gathered at Standing Rock to protect the Missouri River from illegal and unsafe pipeline construction in North Dakota.Act now, to intervene on their behalf to respect the Fort Laramie treaties of 1851 and 1868 affirming the rights of Indians to this land should be honored at long last, shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline, and end the organized brutality against the prayerful Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their peaceful supporters.

Source: PETITION: We Stand with Standing Rock: Stop DAPL! End the Violence! Honor Treaties! | United For Peace and Justice