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′Auschwitz did not begin in Auschwitz′ | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 27.01.2019

Today’s world has grown sleepy, he says. “Many people these days seem to take democracy for granted. It’s like a comfort blanket that gives them a sense of peace and tranquility.” But that tranquility is deceptive, he warns: “Democracy is under attack.” Right-wing populists like the AfD politician Björn Höcke have a problem with Germany’s culture of remembrance. Höcke has described the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin as a “monument of shame.” For Heubner, it’s comments like these that are the source of shame. “This is disgraceful talk; unpatriotic, stupid. The German people have just regained their dignity through remembrance.”

Source: ′Auschwitz did not begin in Auschwitz′ | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 27.01.2019

The Rolling Stones. sympathy for the devil. (powerful images) – YouTube Deja vu too 1968-2016

warning: this video contains images that may cause upset.I put up some of the most powerful photographs we have all more than likely seen at some point in our lives.the things we humans do to each other!they all seemed to fit with the music.

Swedish police Roma register ‘not illegal’ – The Local {“Why not make them wear an ‘R’ badge or tattoo them with a bar code?” – FAIL!}

Police in December stressed that police needed more visibility of the Roma living in Sweden in order to protect them from abuse.    “If we in the police see that there is a vulnerable person that we suspect may fare badly, we need to ask questions of care,” Linda Staaf, Director of National Intelligence, told Sveriges Radio.   Hans Caldaras, a Swedish singer and Roma activist, said that the study was simply an excuse to compile statistics based on ethnicity (which is not usually done in Sweden) and to get Roma “out of the country”.

Source: Swedish police Roma register ‘not illegal’ – The Local

Right way for refugees with Poland′s new Left | Europe | DW.COM | 14.11.2015

And yet for Swist, the real breakthrough was the emergence of a young, new leftist force, one with no ties to the old communist guard, and with a real social agenda to fight intolerance. Razem, or Together, the newest kid on the Polish political landscape, rose fast: It failed to win a seat in the Sejm, the lower chamber of parliament, but received enough support to bring it government funding.”I hope that the standards set by Razem will become standards in politics,” says Maciek Mandelt, another Nomada community worker.New ally in the fight against intolerance?”It’s time for a new Left in Poland, one that is no longer associated with communism,” says Katka Reszke, a Wroclaw-born documentary filmmaker working on the post-communist Jewish experience.”Because Poland has been homogeneous for so long, the refugee crisis will always trigger extreme reactions,” she says. “But what I read and hear in post-election discussions is very promising: People want to get involved, many young people who are making it a mission to fight xenophobia.”

Source: Right way for refugees with Poland′s new Left | Europe | DW.COM | 14.11.2015

German ethics and empathy in full reverse!

Berlin has closed its southern borders to refugees, preventing other victims of civil wars from entering, and has begun deportations of rejected asylum applicants back to Southeast Europe. Inconsistencies among government officials over how to approach the refugee problem have ultimately led to an unexpected influx of tens of thousands of refugees. Thousands in the German population have made a unique display of helpfulness toward refugees, helpfulness, the government will now render futile. At today’s EU Interior and Justice Ministers Meeting, measures will be promoted to once again seal the EU borders and establish camps to hold refugees immediately upon their arrivals in Greece, Italy, and possibly Hungary. One such camp has been opened in Germany to separate Southeast European refugees for their rapid deportation. Last week, one hundred eleven refugees were deported by plane to Kosovo. Half of the 250,000 refugees, who entered Germany this year, between January and August, are threatened with immediate deportation. At the same time, demands are being raised to drastically reduce state support for refugees and to abolish the fundamental individual right of asylum.


France shocked by violence against Roma | Europe | DW.DE | 20.06.2014

The reactions in social networks and online news portals were often racist and included expressions of support for Darius’ torturers. “If the state can’t provide security, it’s only logical that people will practice vigilante justice,” one French Twitter user wrote. What dangers that view brings with it has become clear in the past few days.

via France shocked by violence against Roma | Europe | DW.DE | 20.06.2014.

12 Haters Running this Fall – Electoral Extremism | Southern Poverty Law Center

The typically baseless claims of these candidates range from demonizing propaganda about certain minority groups to the promotion of fantastic conspiracy theories about the federal government’s allegedly evil machinations. What follows are snapshots of a dozen such candidates, including Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, independents and others who are running for political office this fall or who ran earlier in the year.

via Electoral Extremism | Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ukrainian Roma face threats of violence [VIDEO] –

Doesn’t take long for Russian Racism to Raise its Ugly head Again! –

Ukrainian Roma are claiming armed, masked men threatened and robbed several of the 150 Roma families in Sloviansk.

“They began shooting here, at the windows,” said Natasha Cheripovskaya as she pointed to her house with shattered windows. “They were in masks, about 15 people. And they had automatic weapons. Some had guns. They started to shoot to provoke fear. They asked for money and gold. We were very scared and said, ‘We don’t have any gold or money.’ Even the neighbors saw this but they are afraid to speak out.”

via Ukrainian Roma face threats of violence [VIDEO] –