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Huge increase in arrests of homeless in L.A. — but mostly for minor offenses – “Black, brown, poor, homeless – tactics at turning people into roaches the same – shameful harassment! 

Many arrests are for unpaid tickets, a Times analysis finds. Police say arrests are a necessary tool, while homeless advocates see a revolving door of debt and jail stays.

Source: Huge increase in arrests of homeless in L.A. — but mostly for minor offenses

San Diego is struggling with a huge hepatitis A outbreak. Is it coming to L.A.? – LA Times

San Diego County is experiencing the third worst hepatitis A outbreak in the nation since a vaccine was introduced. L.A. officials fear the outbreak is headed north.

Source: San Diego is struggling with a huge hepatitis A outbreak. Is it coming to L.A.? – LA Times

 officials in San Diego have scrambled for months to contain an outbreak of hepatitis A — vaccinating more than 19,000 people, putting up posters at bus stations and distributing hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes.

Despite those efforts, 16 people have died of the highly contagious virus in San Diego County and hundreds have become ill in what officials say is the nation’s second-largest outbreak of hepatitis A in decades.

Earlier this month, San Diego officials declared a public health emergency.

Though Los Angeles has so far escaped an outbreak, public health officials are hoping to head off a similar emergency. They say the virus could easily spread to Los Angeles because of its proximity to San Diego and the region’s large homeless population.

“We know it’s getting worse in San Diego so we’re really ramping up,” said Cristin Mondy, the county’s area health officer for a region that includes downtown Los Angeles.

In their efforts to get their outbreak under control, San Diego health officials have adopted a technique from L.A. that they hope will stop cases from spreading locally: washing the streets with water containing bleach.

“They didn’t have any outbreaks. We did. So we were like, ‘What’s going on there?’ ” said San Diego County public health officer Dr. Wilma Wooten. “That’s what we wanted to replicate here.”

IRIN | Hurricane Irma Live Blog Antigua-Barbuda 185mph!

Back in Antigua after surveying the damage in cut-off Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has confirmed one infant fatality from Hurricane Irma and said that a “search and rescue operation” is underway in case of more casualties. Fleshing out an earlier statement that 90 percent of buildings had been “decimated”, Browne told local ABS Television/Radio that an estimated 60 percent of the 1,600-strong Barbudan populaton could now be regarded as “homeless”.“What I saw was heart-wrenching, I mean absolutely devastating,” Browne said. The prime minister also acknowledged a league of difference between the 185mph winds that demolished much of Barbuda and the 135mph battering Antigua endured, even though the islands aren’t that far apart. “What is instructive is that a diference of 30-50 miles involving a hurricane can make a major difference,” he said, putting the cost of reconstruction on Barbuda alone at $150 million.

Source: IRIN | Hurricane Irma Live Blog

Governors From Both Parties Denounce Senate Obamacare Repeal Bill – The New York Times “Pence proves he does not have a clue about who expanded Medicaid is serving. Working poor who do not earn enough to buy insurance and would either be sick or jamming up ER rooms and driving healthcare up again – Preventive care would be gone and dummy – people get sicker and miss work or cannot work!”

Mr. Pence, who as Indiana’s governor accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid, also acknowledged that the proposal would significantly change the population that receives health care coverage through the program. He insisted that the bill would hold Medicaid to its “original purpose” of covering the most severely vulnerable people and said too many “able-bodied adults” rely on the program.The shift, he said, was aimed at “ensuring for the long run that Medicaid will be there for the neediest.”

Fairfield mother of four deported back to Mexico – Trump is so proud to have sent this 15 year resident packing to where she cannot see her children! #loserTrump, #TraitorTrump

Maribel Trujillo Diaz has been placed on a plane bound for Mexico, lawyers for the Fairfield mother of four, who has lived illegally in the U.S. since 2002,

Source: Fairfield mother of four deported back to Mexico


When betrayal becomes a perspective. So called Syrian opposition as an example | nadiaharhash

When I think of regimes that oppress their people, I can by no mean compare it with a system that is occupying another people. Because if you work on yourself as a nation, you can at some point get to a level where you can bring change to your own regime. But you cannot bring change to a regime that is not part of you. A regime that made its existence on yours.As the image of Syrians hosted in the Hebrew university continue to flash in my memory, I cannot but feel ashamed… ashamed of humanity that has really lost its face.When I see Israel suddenly becoming humanist, when the people of Gaza who were displaced as the result of the fiercest aggression that humans can face, while these people in thousands are still displaced and actually freezing to death in the nakedness of the harshness of the aggression that never seem to end.These same people refuse to see the children of Gaza, the displaced families. The poverty, the oppression that befell on them as a result, and decide that children of Aleppo who the Assad regime has regained (mind you here … Assad regime is Syrian in Syria!!!), and host the opposition, and treat the fighters of Nusra (whom Israel in some occasions decide they are terrorists) then one cannot but say. This is a nasty face of evilness disguised in human shapes.Should I remind us of what the Hebrew university did during the war on GAZA to the Palestinian students? Or to the support they showed to the army that was brutally and savagely killing Palestinian women and children ?I am just disgusted of those Syrian so called opposition who not only destroyed Syria , but also destroyed the fabrics that was once made of Arab nationalism.Somehow…. Somewhere deep in me …I would not be surprised to see a day when Israel occupy the Arab world.. and when this happen , I may think.. well .. enjoy the democratic state of Israel …Of course, then , we Palestinians will be consultants for the new paradigm !!!

Source: When betrayal becomes a perspective. So called Syrian opposition as an example | nadiaharhash

Italy boat migrant numbers surge 20% in 2016 – The Local – “This is what greed, fear, war, hate, sexism, racism, profiteering brings all over the world!”

Migrants and refugees wait to be transferred from Malta’s Topaz Responder ship after being rescued off the coast of Libya on November 5, 2016.

Source: Italy boat migrant numbers surge 20% in 2016 – The Local