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Germany First (III) –

(Own report) – At the euro finance minister’s video conference the German government blocked the introduction of “coronabonds,” in spite of massive pressure from other EU nations and recently even from within Germany. Whereas mainly Italy, Spain and France had insisted that this measure be taken, voices are now being raised from within the German establishment warning that the German government should stop blocking its implementation. The reason, as leading Green Party politicians are explaining, is that should Italy and Spain suffer economic collapse, Germany’s export industry would be seriously damaged by the loss of these important markets, and – should German assistance be refused – both countries could turn to China. This must be prevented. The “coronabonds” will cost Germany, however, specialists estimated years ago that the costs would be in the lower double-digit billions, while Germany is simultaneously reaping triple-digit billions in profits – annually.
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Poultry Worker’s Death Highlights Spread of Coronavirus in Meat Plants – The New York Times

Some employees are coming in sick, and one woman died after being ordered back to work. “Our work conditions are out of control,” a longtime Tyson employee said.
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Tyson better get it’s act together – test workers as they come to work help them if they become ill. Or guess what happens to their reputation and certification…

RSF calls on Trump to end attacks on journalists, encourages news outlets to assess coverage of COVID-19 briefings | RSF

After abandoning the daily press briefing for more than a year, the White House decided to conduct daily COVID-19 task force briefings once the pandemic swept through the United States. President Trump has, however, exploited these briefings for political gain and attacked at least eight journalists from NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, PBS and CBS since the briefings started airing daily
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Most Americans, unlike Trump, want mail-in ballots for November if coronavirus threatens: Reuters/Ipsos poll – Reuters

the poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday found that 72% of all U.S. adults, including 79% of Democrats and 65% of Republicans, supported a requirement for mail-in ballots as a way to protect voters in case of a continued spread of the respiratory disease later this year.

Source: Most Americans, unlike Trump, want mail-in ballots for November if coronavirus threatens: Reuters/Ipsos poll – Reuters