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Okay, so let’s start with the superficial: My fingernails are getting so long I can hardly type. But they are acrylic and I can’t cut them. Ideas? I’m growing a beard. I’m caught up on “Better Things” (the best!) and “Homeland.” I’ve watched the 4 new episodes of the as- yet un-streamed “Grace & Frankie” and they’re hysterical. My hair needs cutting. Fortunately I’m all gray now so that part’s cool. I’m also super busy with the soon-to-be (this Friday) virtual Fire Drill Friday with Senator Markey. In case you’re interested, and I hope you are, here’s what we should support for the virus relief bailout. Please blast this out to your networks, and amplify on social media using #PeoplesBailout : Five Principles of Just COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus The COVID-19 pandemic demands swift and unprecedented action from the federal government. The depth of the crisis and the scope of the response mean that choices being made right now will shape our society for years, if not decades to come. As policymakers take steps to ensure immediate relief and long-term recovery, it is imperative that they consider the interrelated crises of wealth inequality, racism, and ecological decline, which were


while the president was sleeping..they demolished the homes next door – nadiaharhash

Arabic follows Last night the Israeli occupation military forces entered Ramallah and birzeit quietly with tens of bulldozers and military vehicles to demolish homes of Palestinian prisoners and leave their families out and not loud. No tears can bring again the ache of watching your home demolished infront of your eyes. No words can express…
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Supreme Court conservatives open to Louisiana abortion law – Los Angeles Times

Supreme Court’s conservatives appear willing to uphold abortion restrictions under a Louisiana law similar to one the court previously struck down.
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Some Senators need to step up and introduce Amendment to Constitution to legalize abortion!

In the Shadows of Men : Road Map – nadiaharhash

ROAD MAP When I left my husband, I took with me a map that I drew carefully and modestly. The most important thing was that I would never again rely on a man. I had to remember that the greatest gain from the divorce was getting away, unlocking those chains and freeing myself from the…

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In the Shadows of Men: Threat of Divorce – nadiaharhash

THREAT OF DIVORCE It was as if my divorce threatened to break apart all the marriages in society. Suddenly, I became a threat to every man and woman, and a threat to my own family—both my married and unmarried sisters. I brought disgrace when I asked for divorce. In the midst of the aggression that…
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