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Lost Police File Helps Exonerate Man of Murder After 24 Years in Prison – The New York Times

About two weeks ago, an investigative file that had long been sought by defense lawyers was found in a box in a hallway at police headquarters. The file included witness statements that contradicted accounts that Mr. Thomas was involved. “Had that information been available at trial — and had the story of Shaurn’s presence in court at the moment the murder was committed been told correctly — prosecutors agreed the trial would likely have ended differently,” the Pennsylvania Innocence Project said in a statement. How the file got lost and was finally found was not clear. A department spokesman on Thursday said no one was immediately available to address those questions. Mr. Thomas, who studied cooking while in prison, was greeted by friends and relatives when he was released on Tuesday and headed to Red Lobster for dinner. Mr. Thomas’s legal issues are not quite over. Prosecutors could still seek a retrial on the charges, though his lawyers said that is unlikely. In a statement, Kathleen E. Martin, the first assistant district attorney, said a decision would be made “in the very near future.” “Our role is to seek justice at every opportunity and whether it be prosecuting violent criminals or reviewing cases to ensure those behind bars deserve to be there, we will carry out this duty fairly and thoroughly,” the statement said. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News reported in November that the Conviction Review Unit had not found a single case worthy of overturning, while similar units in Dallas and New York City had exonerated dozens of inmates. The Philadelphia unit announced a restructuring and hiring of new staff members in February. Many questions remain about how Mr. Thomas’s case was investigated and prosecuted, Ms. Bluestine said. “That it took 24 years to get him out of prison should shame everybody,” she said.

Theresa May to tackle Donald Trump over Manchester bombing evidence | UK news | The Guardian

The government does not believe the president is directly responsible for the potentially compromising leaks; but May will raise her concerns with him at the Nato summit where she will push for the military alliance to join the coalition against Islamic State.AdvertisementThe images published by the US newspaper revealed that the device that killed 22 people used by Salman Abedi had been made with “forethought and care”, raising questions for investigators about how it had been constructed and by whom.Abedi had carried a metal box containing “well packed” explosives metal nuts and screws in a box probably inside a Karrimor rucksack, the leaked details showed. The device was powerful enough for shrapnel to penetrate metal doors and to scar brick walls. Abedi detonated the bomb with his left hand.It showed the force of the explosion was such that his torso was ripped from the rest of his body and propelled across the foyer and that most of those killed were in a circle around the bomber.Only hours earlier Amber Rudd, the home secretary, had rebuked the US security services for leaking the bomber’s name to American media before it had been made public in Britain, but her warnings appeared to have had no impact.“I have been very clear with our friends that that should not happen again,” Rudd had said.

Source: Theresa May to tackle Donald Trump over Manchester bombing evidence | UK news | The Guardian

Congressman Al Green Threatened With LYNCHING After Calling For Trump’s Impeachment | 3CHICSPOLITICO

U.S. Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) received voicemails threatening to lynch him and calling him racial slurs after he called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, he said Saturday.Green, who is black, played the recordings for about 100 attendees at a town hall in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle. They include death threats, racial epithets and graphic language.“Hey Al Green, we’ve got an impeachment for you. It’s going to be yours,” one caller said. “It’s actually going to give you a short trial before we hang your nigger ass.”“We’ll lynch all you fuckin’ niggers,” another caller said. “You’ll be hanging from a tree.”

Source: Congressman Al Green Threatened With LYNCHING After Calling For Trump’s Impeachment | 3CHICSPOLITICO

The GOP Doesn’t Think My Son’s Life Is Worth Living | Dame Magazine

We don’t say this in polite society, but our society isn’t polite anymore, so I will spell it out: Our culture has long been riven with the idea that people with disabilities lead such miserable lives that their lives aren’t worth living. You hear this when people say, “If that happened to me, I’d kill myself.” The notion springs from being afraid of what you don’t know. If you happen to be young and able-bodied, for instance, the idea of being old and crippled frightens you and you can’t imagine that you could possibly be happy in that state. Conversely, if you happen to be able-bodied and healthy now, but are not particularly enjoying the experience, you may comfort yourself by thinking that at least you’re better off than the disabled.But perhaps you aren’t. Perhaps you and the disabled have more in common than you think. I cannot speak for everyone officially classified as disabled, for they constitute 20 percent of the population, and are as heterogeneous and complicated a group as you could wish for. But I can speak for my son: There are times when his misery is agonizing and explosive, and there are times when his joy lights up the whole neighborhood. The power of his emotions is such that he seems to be both happier and more miserable than most people I know. Surely, he is as complex and vast.This fear we have, of losing what we have now—our memory, our ease of movement, our health—can make us push the inevitable away to such an extent that we start believing that misfortune or simple decay only happens to other people, people who have not said their prayers, or exercised daily, or popped the right multivitamin. We “other” the sick, the disabled, the old. In so doing, we divide ourselves into us and them, “us” being the somewhat fit, “them” being all of those people with oppressive medical bills and annoying demands.The most recent example of this sort of thinking pops up in Alabama Representative Mo Brooks’s defense of the AHCA. In a comment to CNN, the Congressman commends Trump’s proposed bill for allowing “insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all these costs, thereby reducing the cost to those people who lead good lives, they’re healthy, they’ve done the things to keep their bodies healthy. And right now, those are the people who have done things the right way that are seeing their costs skyrocketing.”In other words: “We,” the virtuous diet-abiders and Fitbitters, are unfairly saddled with the costs of “them”—those slobs who didn’t take care of their health. I’d love to see our nation’s fast-food chains go up in a purple cloud of smoke and for fresh nutritious lunches to be given out freely at schools, to every child, including those whose parents do not have decent jobs and cannot pay. I’d love to see more jogging and jump-roping and dancing in the streets. I believe that movement is good for the body and soul, as is stillness. But to imagine that we wield ultimate control over our health is a form of modern madness.

Source: The GOP Doesn’t Think My Son’s Life Is Worth Living | Dame Magazine

“Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo” – Cosecha Roja

“Creí que seria algún conocido, voltié a mirarlo con toda la inocencia del mundo para intercambiar alguna mirada a modo de saludo cuando de pronto una piña en el ojo (la cuál me lo dejo así), me deja sentado. ‘Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo’. Ahí nomás traté de pararme y salir corriendo cuando otro de los pibes me agarró de la mochila, me empujó para atrás y c on el mismo impulso le pegué un cabezazo en la boca y le rompí un diente. Ahí la cosa se puso seria”.“Ya de nuevo en el piso me pegan una patada en la panza, yo le pateo la pierna, lo tiro y con mi celular lo golpeo de nuevo en la boca. Ahí el que estaba parado me levanta de los pelos y me dijo “De acá no salís, te vamos a matar”. Lo miré y le escupí la cara. Me tira al piso y me empezaron a patear entre los tres. De la nada bajó un chabón de un auto con un palo y dijo “o la cortan o los cago a palos a todos”. Se empezó a acercar le revoleó un palazo a uno y se fueron corriendo”.Más tarde habló con los medios locales. “Opino que son tristes. Y desalentadores, que te hacen tener miedo”, dijo. “Pero que tanto odio es al pedo. Podrán pegarme todo lo quieran, pero no voy a dejar de ser gay.”

Source: “Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo” – Cosecha Roja

Former C.I.A. Chief Tells of Concern Over Possible Russia Ties to Trump Campaign – The New York Times

Mr. Brennan became so concerned last summer about signs of Russian election meddling that he held urgent, classified briefings for eight senior members of Congress, speaking with some of them over secure phone lines while they were away on recess. In those conversations, he told lawmakers there was evidence that Russia was specifically working to elect Mr. Trump as president.

In Memory of Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph – IMM Print – Medium

Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph. Jean died at the age of 27 at the Stewart Detention Center, after 19 days in a form of solitary confinement. According to ICE’s Segregation Directive, immigrants should not be held in solitary confinement for more than 14 days. But as the Trump administration curtails the enforcement of ICE’s National Standards, we are bound to see more people fall victim to inhumane detention conditions.On the morning of Jean’s final day on this earth, a volunteer with El Refugio tried to visit him. The volunteer was denied the ability to visit him. That evening, Jean was found unconscious in his cell, and ICE reported the death to be self-inflicted.“This is absolutely shameful and heartbreaking,” said Christina Fialho, an attorney and the co-executive director of CIVIC. “Visitation is empowering, healing, and socially transformative. Receiving a visit while in immigration detention can make a huge difference for a human being who is isolated from the outside world. Our hearts go out to all who loved Jean.”

Source: In Memory of Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph – IMM Print – Medium

With DHS Position, Clarke Would Be the First ‘Patriot’ Leader to Hold a Federal Post | Southern Poverty Law Center

This would be a remarkable position for someone long affiliated with Richard Mack’s extremist Patriot organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, to hold. Among the core tenets of CSPOA dogma is the far-right “constitutionalist” belief that sheriffs represent the highest law of the land, and are capable of overturning or ignoring federal laws within their own jurisdictions. Moreover, Clarke’s history of incendiary remarks includes his advocacy of “a second American revolution.”

Source: With DHS Position, Clarke Would Be the First ‘Patriot’ Leader to Hold a Federal Post | Southern Poverty Law Center

As the Russia story explodes, women’s rights continue to be rolled back | Jessica Valenti | World news | The Guardian If DNC caves on women’s rights, this 45 year Democrat is leaving the party!

it’s hard to think about anything outside of Trump and Russia these days, but while we’re all refreshing Twitter every two minutes, women’s rights are being rolled back across the country. At the end of June, four health clinics in Iowa will shut down because of legislation defunding Planned Parenthood. At the same time, Texas is seeking federal funding to do the same and the DNC chair is meeting with anti-choice groups in the spirit of doing away with a litmus test on women’s rights.When even those who are supposed to be on our side are willing to throw women’s autonomy and human rights under the bus, we’re in bad shape.So yes, watch the news obsessively and plan those impeachment parties. But don’t forget about what’s at stake in the meantime.

Source: As the Russia story explodes, women’s rights continue to be rolled back | Jessica Valenti | World news | The Guardian