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Sec. Clinton on bin Ladin’s Demise

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Remarks on the Killing of Usama bin Ladin

Hillary Rodham Clinton

All over the world we will press forward, bolstering our partnerships, strengthening our networks, investing in a positive vision of peace and progress, and relentlessly pursuing the murderers who target innocent people. The fight continues, and we will never waver. Now I know there are some who doubted this day would ever come, who questioned our resolve and our reach. But let us remind ourselves, this is America. We rise to the challenge, we persevere, and we get the job done.



EU Anti-Roma Violence Flares Anew

You’d think that right wingers would find new victims for focusing their fear based violence but Roma, Jews, Muslims and Gays still have to watch their backs because no one else will – or so it seems. Before we humans destroy the planet, you think we will ever stop looking for someone to blame all our fears and self-hate on?

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Right-Wing Militants on Patrol

A New Wave of Anti-Roma Violence in Hungary

Photo Gallery: Hate in Hungary
The Hungarian village of Gyöngyöspata has once again become home to violence between right-wing radicals and its Roma populace. Dozens of extremists marched into the town on Wednesday, one day after provoking brawls with the Roma who live there. It is the continuation of a trend.



Genetic Modification Meltdown in nuts!

Forget that pistachios are not native to Australia. The lesson is – you plant genetically uniform (aka GMO or monopoly Monsanto seeds) plants, you risk huge, massive, really big crop failure. 50% down and half of those inedible – those are big numbers.

What would the result be if 50-75% of the world’s alfalfa, wheat, rice, or oat crop failed in one season? Can you imagine at least 1 billion dying of hunger and another billion or so from war, revolution, and genocide?

OK, OK. I know. You want to go back to watching your reruns of Seinfeld.

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Australia Pistachio Disaster Hints at Agricultural Breakdown

The culprit was anthracnose, a fungal disease best known for infecting mangoes. It raced through the industry, resulting in a harvest some 50 percent smaller than expected — and half of that was inedible.

“The wide cultivation of genetically uniform plant populations fosters rapid evolution among the pathogens,” said Scot Nelson, a plant pathologist at the University of Hawaii. “Because of this greed, new pathogens or newly reported host-pathogen combinations arise almost daily around the world.”



S&P Expert? At what? Covering their…?

September 8, 2008 S&P said they were thinking about dropping Lehman Brother’s from A1 rating to A. Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on September 15, 2008. So we should trust their judgment, as much as we trust all the other high fliers of Wall Street? How many people are still out of work from the burst housing bubble that they rode as well as any did? How much money have they returned to anyone for mistakes made? Weren’t they co-conspirators to the biggest fraud in last 50 years?

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Thank you, Standard & Poor’s

Traders work at their posts on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Markets were down after Standard & Poor's issued a negative outlook on US debt.  (Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images / April 18, 2011)

  • Michael Kinsley
Michael Kinsley
Standard & Poor’s may know nothing that I couldn’t find out, but it certainly knows more than I’ve bothered to find out. (And how about you?) And how its experts assess all this publicly available information is surely worth knowing, isn’t it?



In my “state” “birthers” are aliens

In my state of mind, the birthers now led by wanna-be-still-famous Trump seem to be from some alien place where logic is absent and denial has replaced reality – all perfect for a new Donald show! But read this article if you need further proof.

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The birthers’ constitutional illiteracy

For the birthers, the translation of “natural born citizen'” is simply “those born inside the United States”. To them, anyone born outside the United States is ineligible for the presidency. They are wrong.

The Naturalisation Act of 1790 provided that “the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens.”



Statists Posing as Conservatives?

According to a new law in Michigan, the Governor and the State Treasurer can declare any unit of local government in financial emergency, take it over and then disband it. Local voters, democracy, forget it! Government at whim of Governor and State Treasurer. Benton Harbor, Michigan: “A state-appointed emergency financial manager has suspended the decision-making powers of Benton Harbor officials in a move that’s likely the first act of its kind under a new state law.”

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First suit filed over Emergency Manager law

The city’s two pension funds sued Gov. Rick Snyder and state Treasurer Andy Dillon in federal court today to block part of a new emergency manager statute.



Big Macs, Deforestation, and Slavery?

In Brazil the Big Mac attack and the Crave bring on deforestation and slave labor – are you loving it – getting outside the bun – and oops killing the planet and the Amazon?

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Deforestation and slave labour still linked to Brazilian cattle industry

14 slaughterhouses in the Brazilian state of Acre. These slaughterhouses are being sued by the public prosecutor for buying cattle from farms who have been fined by the Brazilian Environmental Police for illegal deforestation, and from farmers who are accused of using slave labour. One of the slaughterhouses being sued is JBS – the largest exporter of meat products in the world.