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Feeding the Fear – Keeps You and “them” Down!

Why do wannabe and hanging-on politicians feed fear and hate of people defined as “different?” To keep people from figuring out they are getting taken for a ride by the fear-frenzy profiteers. You don’t notice that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs have been moved to China to boost the income of a few thousand of America’s richest, if you are convinced that it’s Mexicans, or Hispanics, or illegals taking your jobs?

Before we bailed out GM last year, they built 19 plants in China over the previous 5-10 years. Never noticed that Mexicans were not the ones who took your factory jobs away? That is exactly what the fear mongering is designed to do – keep you from paying attention to what is really hurting your present and future.

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Roberto Rodriguez: John McCain’s wildfire accusations

The Arizona senator accuses Mexican immigrants of starting wildfires, but he is fanning the flames himself – of prejudice
Last year, McCain claimed that “illegal aliens” were intentionally causing accidents on freeways.
Per the FBI, we know that the border region is safer than it was a decade ago, and that many of the safest US cities are along the US-Mexico border. But when it comes to fueling xenophobia in this country, facts never get in the way.



Ned’s Shared Items – FYI

Just in case anyone is curious. I share tons of stuff everyday but do not post most of it here at Amplify because it just takes too long. I use the sharing option of Google’s Reader. So, if you want to see all the wonderful things I read with a few comments here and there – take a look and bookmark if you wish

Good work for earth – 600 Dutch give fine start!

Good friend helped pull off a grand planning and doing project to get many on board to saving the planet! Take a look and pass along, if you agree.

Tick tick tick… time is ticking!

The Economy Transformers unite a diverse group of people who are anxious to contribute to the economic and societal transition needed for a future that serves and dignifies all life on our planet.

Community for (re)building an economy and society that serves people and nature

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Can we end the war and the pain – PLEASE!

She says all that needs to be said in her poem.

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Sack of Winds

When God created me
he put a world in my heart
+++a world of grief
+++a country of blank deserts
+++a sky full of clouds
with a dead Sun
and crazy winds

He put all my desires
in a sack of winds
+++told me go
+++and find it

It is years and years

I run after the wind
+++to find my desires
+++my smiled lips
+++my sentenced hopes
I run after the winds
in the blank deserts
find nothing
but dead wishes

dead wishes

By Norwan



Superbug in your dairy? Thank Industrialized farming…

The wise opossum philosopher, Pogo, says – “We have me the enemy and he is us!” Keep cattle, poultry “healthy” under overpopulated and crowded conditions – easy hit them with anti-bacterial drugs in excessive amounts – yeah. Huh, you mean that we got drug resistant bacteria that eats people up as a result? Oops!

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More MRSA, in milk: A new strain in cows and humans

Researchers in England and Denmark have announced they have found a never-before recorded variant of MRSA in cow’s milk in England that has already caused human infections in England, Scotland and Denmark, and researchers in Ireland have simultaneously announced that they have found the same strain in hospitalized patients there as well.



Florida Drug Testing

Drug tests in Florida proposed by Governor Scott for all state legislators, state employees, public and charter school students and employees, businesses doing business with the State of Florida, businesses getting tax breaks fro Florida, any senior citizens receiving any sort of aid, discounts or assistance. The Governor has exempted himself. Actually he has already ordered random testing of all state employees. Rumor has it that he owns shares in drug testing firms. $42 a test.

An Afghan Poet’s View of Osama bin Laden’s Coming and Going

Evil has gone, embrace the light – she says – she has a point. Will you hold on to fear of the dark or welcome the return of light and work to make it stay?

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A Monster’s Tale

It was a timeless autumn, the day the sky darkened.
Soon, the people learned a monster had come to occupy the land!

Children forgot to smile.

But violence cannot stay forever:

The monster left the land and died. Clouds scattered. The people could see the sun shining again.

Sky becomes blue, land gets green.

By Farida



Dead Gulf Dolphin – No rug? Dump it Behind Bush!

Eyes not on BP oil spill any longer – no reporting so it must be OK – all gone – poof like magic! Or pick up dead and dump them where they cannot be seen cause who is looking anyway? Good thing Laurel is. Wonder how many she has not seen?

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A Stroll on a Gulf Beach Yields a Dolphin Disposal

Laurel Lockamy has seen her share of dead sea life washing up on the beaches of Mississippi.
Off in the distance she saw
another dead dolphin
A tag was stuck in its mouth with the date: May 13, 2011. That was two days earlier.
The next day
Laurel watched in amazement as the front loader turned and dumped its load behind some beach vegetation. Poof it was gone!

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Getting Real About bin Laden Hiding in Plain Sight

How could they not have known? always “sounds” good after the crime but what’s the real record about various authorities “knowing” where the criminal is or was, or even who it is.

Consider these criminals and who should have known what?
Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski, the Unabomber a mail bombing spree that spanned nearly 20 years!

The Green River Killer – Gary Leon Ridgway murdered numerous women in Washington during the 1980s and 1990s.

David Parker Ray – the “toy box” killer tortured and killed his victims in New Mexico; 1950s-1999.

The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated in Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970’s. The San Francisco Police Department marked the case “inactive”, yet re-opened the case at some point prior to March 2007. No one caught.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Serial murderers and serial-murdering terrorists, often, it seems hide in plain sight, since no one expects a serial killer to live next door or to look like everyone else.

But reporters and politicians will continue saying some one should have known – someone should have been able to find them or – even better – should have known that they were going to do something horrible.

Osama bin Laden was found, is dead, and can kill no more.

Beating ourselves and allies up over how long it took to stop him does little good, as far as I can see.

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Did Pakistan know bin Laden was ‘hiding in plain sight’?

David Ignatius
David Ignatius
Opinion Writer

The “Where’s Waldo?” aspect of the hunt for bin Laden — who turns out to have been living since 2005 just a few hours’ drive north of Islamabad — has worsened the mistrust between America and Pakistan. Pakistani anger over the unilateral U.S. attack is indicated by the fact that someone just “outed” the CIA station chief in Islamabad for the second time in a year.