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Far-right Golden Dawn party hands out food outside Parliament, but only to Greek citizens – The Washington Post

Far-right Golden Dawn party hands out food outside Parliament, but only to Greek citizens – The Washington Post“At night they beat people up. And by day, they hand out food,” Petros Constantinou, a left-wing Athens city councilman, told the AP.

“They are exploiting people’s misery to fish for votes. They are despicable.” Neo-Nazis hiding as EU strategists?

A European think tank, with ties to Germany, is calling for the establishment of an EU controlled “Grand Area” stretching from the Arctic, through Central Asia, the Middle East to North Africa. With this “Grand Area,” the “Group on Grand Strategy” (GoGS) seeks to create a power base for a European Federal State, it considers necessary to establish. This “Grand Area” should also serve European interests in resources and deter foreign powers from meddling. This concept, which corresponds, in many ways to German interests, also includes the establishment within the “Grand Area” of a network of “European” military bases, which therefore would be outside any national control. The Bertelsmann Foundation, one of the most influential German think tanks, also has a representative on the GoGS Advisory Board. Within the Foundation, that political scientist’s work is centered on the theme, “Europe’s future.”

The term “Grand Area,” used by the GoGS, had once been popularized by the “Third Reich’s Crown Jurist” Carl Schmitt, in his 1939 book “Völkerrechtliche Großraumordnung und Interventionsverbot für raumfremde Mächte. Ein Beitrag zum Reichsbegriff im Völkerrecht.”[7] In this work Schmitt postulated that the “principle of non-interference by powers foreign to the realm, is a valid international legal principle,” which was supposed to secure sole access for Germany to all countries in Europe. To show the success of his Grand Area theory, Schmitt used the example of Rumania. As critics point out – Rumania was integrated into the German “Great Area,” at the “expense of its natural resources and economic substance.”[8] The Group on Grand Strategy is obviously also demanding that the countries within the “Great Area” surrender their wealth to the advantage of Germany and the EU.

Romney-touted firms got government help –

Steve Miller, president of Millwood Inc., appeared in the Web ad for “We Did Build This.”

“I couldn’t put my faith in the government or the banks — no one wanted to talk to me,” Miller said, describing the rough start to his business.

However, Millwood received a state tax break of $44,226, Ohio Department of Development records show.

The president of Service Spring Corp. also participated in the campaign. The company received a $70,000 Ohio Workforce Guarantee in 2005.

“He was trying to say ‘Hey, you didn’t build that business on your own,'” said Dennis Sollman, president of Sollman Electric Co. “‘The government helped you build it.’ And that’s what ticked me off more than anything.”

Sollman Electric Co. received millions of dollars in government contracts for schools and colleges.

Sollman, as well as the other business owners who turned out to prove Obama’s comments rather than refute them, could not be reached for comment.

via Romney-touted firms got government help –

Beirut Drive-by Shooting: Electricite Du Liban

Beirut Drive-by Shooting: Electricite Du Liban.

Additional demands have caused further disruptions to Lebanon’s already overloaded power production capacity. Supplemental power provided by private generators may soon be the only Electricity Of Lebanon. Zina says “God Bless The Moteur” and Sareen asks if this is romantic or not?  Most people are asking where’s the Government?

Polish Solidarity distances itself from Romney visit | Reuters

Polish Solidarity distances itself from Romney visit | Reuters.

Solidarity, the trade union movement which led the Polish struggle against communist rule, distanced itself on Monday from a visit to Poland by U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, saying he supported attacks on unions in his own country.

Romney was in Poland on the third and final leg of a tour aimed at burnishing his foreign policy credentials and demonstrating that he would be a viable alternative to President Barack Obama on the world stage.

Romney visited the Baltic port of Gdansk, cradle of Solidarity which toppled Poland’s communist government in the late 1980s, where he met Lech Walesa, the shipyard electrician who led the union movement during the struggle seen as the start of the end of Soviet domination of eastern Europe.

“Regretfully, we were informed by our friends from the American headquarters of (trade union federation) AFL-CIO, which represents more than 12 million employees … that Mitt Romney supported attacks on trade unions and employees’ rights,” Solidarity said in a statement.

“Solidarity was not involved in organizing Romney’s meeting with Walesa and did not invite him to visit Poland.”

German Media Slams Mitt Romney’s Tour Abroad – SPIEGEL ONLINE

German Media Slams Mitt Romney’s Tour Abroad – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Center-left daily Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:

“Travel educates. As a result one should assume that Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger of Barack Obama, wants to learn something during his visit to Israel. Wrong! Almost everything that the candidate organized in Jerusalem fuels the impression that he doesn’t want to try understanding how complicated the Middle East situation is. Instead, Romney paints the crisis region in black and white: Israel is good and the rest — the Palestinians and the mullahs in Iran — are lumped together.”

“This one-sided world view is less dumb than it is coldly calculated. Romney is soliciting campaign donations in Jerusalem (the minimum price for two plates at breakfast is $50,000.) And he is ensnaring Jewish voters at home.”

“The trip to Israel may help Romney in the short-term. But in the long-term the Republican has done damage. The Middle East needs the US as a mediator. As such, the presidential hopeful has already disqualified himself.”

— Renuka Rayasam

Hoop House Training Garden

Hoop House Training Garden.

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JFK #1 U.S. Airport For Diseases Looking To Go Viral, Says Science: Gothamist

JFK #1 U.S. Airport For Diseases Looking To Go Viral, Says Science: Gothamist.

To come to their conclusions, researchers looked at each airport’s location, its links to other airports and how many passengers fly through it, combined with their overall travel patterns. Other major factors included how well-connected locations connecting airports were and how long travelers stayed in a place. You can see the full paper here.