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Memories from a fading Tropical Zion

Repeating Islands


When the world closed its borders at the Evian Conference 75 years ago, one improbable nation stepped up to save a few hundred Jews from Nazi Germany: the Dominican Republic– as YANIV SALAMA-SCHEER reports for The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt, with the link to the full article and photographs below.

SOSUA, Dominican Republic – With its bamboo roof and breezy open air design, Baily’s Cafe near the far end of Dr. Joseph Rosen Street is the perfect place to take refuge from the scorching afternoon Dominican sun.

As soon as we are seated, a waiter heads toward us with two cups of Santo Domingo, the locally produced coffee. Joe Benjamin, 73, pours two sugar packets into his rich, dark cup of coffee and gathers his thoughts; his memories are as bittersweet as his coffee.

“What we were, the community that was here, it was unique. It was special…

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What Is the Chikungunya Virus?

Repeating Islands


An exotic virus has breached the Western Hemisphere and chosen St. Martin as its home, Shannon Firth reports for US News and World Report.

Those planning a holiday in St. Martin may want to reconsider the trip, or at least repack their bags. The Centers for Disease Control has announced a travel advisory for the Caribbean island after two cases of a mosquito-borne illness called chikungunya were reported on the French side of the island by the World Health Organization.

The virus, which has never been seen before in the Western Hemisphere, has now infected 10 people on the French side of the island, as of Dec. 12. It occurs more frequently in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent and travels from human to human through female mosquitos, specifically Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, reports the CDC.

The word “chikungunya” in the Makonde language, spoken in Mozambique and…

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Boris Johnson to close 3 fire stations that sent engines to the Apollo Theatre

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Boris Johnson!)

The High Court today has ruled that London Mayor Boris Johnson can go ahead with his plans to massively cut front-line fire services – including 3 stations which sent engines to the Apollo Theatre last night.

Here’s a tweet from the Fire Brigade Union:

fire brigade union


Johnson’s not looking so cuddly now, is he?


Thanks to ARTIST TAXI DRIVER for the heads up on this one.


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Morsi, the last caliph-president of Egypt


This piece is  written by Mbayo Lo for Mondoweiss. I read it here  when the former deputy PM of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim has re-blogged it today.   

The ousting of Egypt’s now former President Muhammad Morsi, by popular protest in some interpretations, or by a military coup in others, has raised many problematic questions on the latitudes of democracy and limits of legitimacy. While those who relate his ousting to popular protest see it as a legitimate, corrective move justified by his non-democratic conduct, those who morn his departure blame a military establishment determined to oppose any civilian rule

Both prospects are intellectually entertaining, but equally represent a profound rupture with the existing problem. There are competing conceptions of legitimacy between the Islamist administration of Morsi and the majority of the Egyptian people who associate legitimacy with substantive democracy. In Morsi’s understanding, his democratic legitimacy is the result of a…

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photo-challenge-one #photography #poetry #Christmas

penned in moon dust

One candle shone brightly

on a lonely face

where a smile once belonged

One candle shone brightly

through solitary leaf

worn by days

one candle shone brightly

a tiny creature

burdened and alone

one candle shone brightly

on a world

reaching for the light

fall light

This week’s photo challenge at WordPress is One

Wishing each of you a wonderful and warm Holiday season!!!

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CENSORED NEWS: Navajo Councilman Leonard Tsosie pushing for uranium mining to poison Navajo water

This action by a few elected officials is UNACCEPTABLE!! This will no doubt endanger our community, our children, and the area we call home.  Uranium is a poison and mining it is an improper and dangerous use of our water and natural resources!! Uranium should be left in the ground! We cannot regulate it and to think that we have power over nature is arrogant and dangerous. I am asking you to please Send Comments and join many other Dine\’ people in saying NO AND TO STOP NEW URANIUM CONTAMINATION at the Special RDC meeting next Monday morning at Chilchinbeto Chapter.

via CENSORED NEWS: Navajo Councilman Leonard Tsosie pushing for uranium mining to poison Navajo water.


Since 2006, between my two foundations and my own personal finances, over $3 million dollars have been contributed to various causes.


It is a shame that “News” outlets chose to report on a fraction of this without checking their facts and telling the whole story. I will continue to support the various causes that I believe in as much as I can. And I hope that these outlets will do their part to give a platform to these causes, instead of sharing information that’s incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading.