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Woman is…

I do not have the words but this Afghan poet does.

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For International Women’s Day

SHE struggles, hungers, cares, and loves.
SHE is the one for whom we never care.
Purity, honesty, then promises and sacrifices.
SHE is the one about whom we never wonder.
Hard work, talent, then intelligence and power.
SHE is the one about whom we never bother.
SHE helps, supports, gives tenderness. HER role.
SHE is the one for whom we never trouble.
SHE is the one who carries us while we are children,
the hands we have when we want to walk,
the guide for how to grow,
the only shoulder we have to cry on.
SHE is the mother,
the daughter,
the wife,
the sister.
Today is the day to speak of her.
SHE is the ONE we call a woman.

By Pakiza



Tuberculosis Just Will Not Leave Us

My grandmother died of complications of TB and my mother had to be annually checked with x-rays all her life since she was just 4 when her mother had died and had been exposed and always tested positive.

TB may well have been the real source of the first beatitude of Jesus’: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit could be read blessed are those poor in breath (spirit). Crowded and unsanitary living conditions have and still are associated with the spread of TB. As long as TB is thought to be a disease of the past or a disease of poor countries, we risk ignoring it and facilitating its becoming an even bigger problem than it already is. The real problem is that drug-resistant TB variants continue to grow and in this air age TB easily passed on – as it has been – to people who would never think they had been exposed by a student, or health worker just returning from a vacation overseas.

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Tuberculosis: Forgotten but not gone

It’s World TB Day
tuberculosis is stubbornly persisting, and the twin problems of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug resistant TB — MDR and XDR — are growing worse.
TB epidemic: 9.4 million just in 2009 and  1.7 million deaths.
It’s hard to know what to say in the face of an epidemic so huge, old and stubborn.



Oil Inc motto: Lie until caught!

Remember that the people hired to oversee oil leaks in the Gulf over the past 30 or more years were encouraged, told to accept whatever the oil companies said? It takes a while to root that kind of behavior out. So, naturally, oil companies have continued to “lie” – oops we meant 4,000 gallons, our bad – won’t (grin) happen again (lol).

Out of front page and 5/7/11 PM news does not mean that oil companies have all of a sudden got clean.

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Gulf Spill – Source?

the source of the oil spill last weekend that came ashore in Louisiana. Located in West Delta Block 117, and operated by Anglo-Suisse, the spill reportedly occurred for a few hours last Saturday afternoon during operations to permanently plug and abandon the well.
NRC database
reports show amounts spilled of 1.89 gallons, 1.33 gallons, and 0.5 gallons – a whopping total of 3.72 gallons spilled.
Can a 4-gallon spill of oil travel across 20 miles of the Gulf, come ashore across a 30-mile stretch of coast, and oil 1300 to 2700 feet of beach? Call us skeptical, but we don’t think so.



Bethlehem Important to Palin? Nope!

Hard at work on the say/do anything tour – will have new Powerpoint show when she returns – purchased virtual tour of Bethlehem? Expects tour will boost her speaking price in US?

Anyone got a “get your tongue out of cheek” ap?

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Sarah Palin pulls out of Bethlehem visit

Sarah Palin in Jerusalem
The former governor of Alaska pulled up to the checkpoint
They then turned around and drove away.

Palin wore a Star of David, the symbol of Judaism, around her neck, prayed close to the wall and lodged a written prayer in a crevice, according to tradition.

Palin told reporters: ” It’s overwhelming to be able to see and touch the cornerstone of our faith. I’m so thankful to be able to be here and I’m thankful to know the Israel-American connection will grow and strengthen as the peace negotiations continue.”



The Midwest takes a dump in the Gulf!

All the pesticides, fertilizer, oil and industrial gunk that sits in the river during winter – gets “flushed” by Spring melt. As a consequence of treating the Gulf of Mexico as out “out house” there is a 70-150 mile dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi Delta.

Visible proof of how foul and irresponsible we are to ourselves and the planet!

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Mystery Oil Slick off Grand Isle, LA

This sediment plume looks pretty ugly up close: it’s brown, nasty, and carries a lot of stuff in it that is very bad for the Gulf: pesticide and fertilizer runoff, sewage overflows, and oily runoff from all our paved roads and parking lots that’s been building up over the winter. This is what causes one of the Gulf’s worst, chronic environmental problems: the giant “dead zone” that forms every year.



Sarkozy’s Place in Sun – #1, Not Libya?

Thanks to France for pitching in to help save Libyan’s effort to found a new government. Did France’s President suddenly discover how wonderful was the cause of Libyan freedom after his deporting Roma and disrespecting Muslims and immigrants in general did not raise his standings in polls?

Don’t know – what do you think? I am still wondering why the slaughter of women in Ivory Coast does not cause a Security Council meeting and why on Darfur continued killings and politically motivated rapes in Congo – we hear……..?

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Libya crisis may save Nicolas Sarkozy from electoral humiliation

The French president certainly needs something to prevent him coming third in next year’s election

Nicolas Sarkozy

It would surely be poor taste to accuse Nicolas Sarkozy of leading France into combat for purely selfish political reasons – but that won’t stop some in the president’s inner circle wondering if Operation Odyssey Dawn might just save the skin of a man who, a matter of days ago, seemed destined for electoral humiliation. Ever so discreetly, they will be hoping Libya can do for Sarkozy what the Falklands did for Margaret Thatcher – anoint a successful war leader deserving of re-election.



Afghan Follies Redux – Trust Us

Vietnam. Cambodia, Afghanistan, SWAT, ????, Iraq: trust us, we will help you if you come in to be reconciled, to give up fighting us. Those saying it always mean it at first. If the government is not real and just the machine set up by the occupier, it is a promise almost always swallowed up by corruption fed by the occupier’s agenda changing.

Why don’t we learn, why do we believe this kind of “war” can be clean and good, why do we repeat past mistakes?

How does Captain Cat continue to do good work, in the face of such dispiriting truth? I wish her well. You should read what she has to say and think about it – then take action.

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Despatch from the moon

Aerial view of Khost
Last month I flew to Khost for a week, where the day after I arrived a young man blew himself up along with thirteen other people whilst he was waiting for the provincial governor to drive by.  I climbed up onto a roof and watched people fleeing the scene – faceless figures draped in blue shuffled hurriedly along a path through dun fields of sleeping maize, boys on bicycles, a man on a motorbike, patu flapping wildly behind him in dust kicked up by his wheels.
Almost two years ago to the day, I met a Maulawi and reconciled Talib, cousin of Southeastern insurgent commander Jalaluddin Haqqani (see interview here). I want to see him again, to ask how things have been going.
“We need 30-35 reconciled commanders,” they told me; I said it takes time to talk to people, to convince them. “So bring us shopkeepers with beards” was their response.
“I regret joining this process; all of my brothers regret it as well. We have received no assistance from the government, nothing that they promised. We gave up everything in Miram Shah and now we have nothing. Our six families share a single room.



Hats off to Fukushima Fifty – Heroes!

Courage of the highest order!

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Heroes of Fukushima – 50 workers remain at Daiichi

But around 50 employees – dubbed the Fukushima 50 – have remained at the site working tirelessly around the clock to avoid possible meltdowns at three reactors at the quake-hit nuclear power plant.

They are attempting to cool down fuel rods at three reactors by injecting seawater into them.

Despite wearing protective clothing, experts say there will be negative effects to their health as a result of the radiation levels.



Fox News Hoaxes Fox Viewers

How good are fact checkers at Fox News? Not so good – can’t tell Pakistani humor from real news. Does Fox News care if they run false news? When they get caught but otherwise – not so much?

Silly Fox. Trix are for Kids.

Yesterday, Fox News proved yet again that it’s a credible (*cough*) news source by publishing a story they thought was real news. The article ran on the Fox Nation website with this title, “Pakistan: Islamic Clerics Protest Women Wearing Padded Bras as ‘Devil’s Cushions,’” noting (via Salon),

But how hard is it to fact-check or even just click through a source’s website?

The stories published in Roznama Jawani might only be applicable and true in another universe. That universe might be parallel to this universe. Might even be serial. Who knows?! Maybe some one does.



Palestinian/Israeli One Voice Works!

In the midst of all the reported violence of the extremes on both sides and taking more Palestinian land, there are still Palestinians and Israelis working together for peace.

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OneVoice Palestine activists attending West Bank unity rallies

EzzeldinMasri@PalestinianDemoRamallahOneVoice Palestine’s Ezzeldin Masri addresses demonstrators at al-Manara Square in Ramallah.

Abdullah Hamarshe@PalestinianDemoRamallahOVP’s Abdullah Hamarshe joins demonstrators in Ramallah’s al-Manara Square.