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The Best Picture Out of The 2013 Beirut Marathon

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Beirut’s Marathon, which takes place yearly in November, is one of those events that exude positivity. After all, endorphins are in wide release with all those people running. Some run for exercise. Others run for causes they are trying to bring awareness to.

I have friends who ran for polio awareness. Others, such as the folks at IDRAAC, ran to advocate for mental health. Pictures were taken and shared. And yet, the best one of them all – the one that brought a smile to my face, and which I hope does to yours as well, is the following:

Who said visually impaired people cannot run a marathon?

With the help of his friend, the man in the above picture was able to do something…

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Femen leader Inna Shevchenko: ‘I’m for any form of feminism’ | World news | The Guardian

Still, some western feminists have taken a dim view, but Shevchenko is too sophisticated to be drawn into a fight. \”We are not fighting with other feminists; we are not here for that. I\’m for feminism in any form. I can have my opinion on the way other movements do their feminism, but I will never criticise them, for I would go against myself – I am feminist. Feminism is not only one form, when we write amazing theory with a great explanation that is so clear and so fair. Feminists are not only that. We can do everything, and so Femen are kind of feminist al-Qaida, if you want. We are feminist terrorists coming and showing how it is.\”

Western feminists\’ reservations might be revised if they lived in Ukraine. \”Being a woman in Ukraine, what kind of possibilities do you have? To become housewife, or to become prostitute. In my town there were women who were searching for any man, just to get a man. All my female school friends got married after they finished school, they were 17, 18. For 17 years growing up in that town I had only one idea in my head: how to get out of this shit.\” But at university she soon realised all the other female students were only there to find a better class of husband from a rich family. Her older sister did try to use her education to get a good job, \”and in nearly every application she got back an email asking for her to send a picture of herself in a bikini, and to send her measurements, and as part of your office they say you have to have sex with your boss. This is the reality for young Ukrainian woman.\”

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Pakistan (Taliban) BANS memoir by Malala, the girl shot by the Taliban for going to school | Mail Online

Education officials in Pakistan have banned the memoir of Malala Yousafzai, the teenager shot by the Taliban, from 40,000 schools as she \’represents the West\’.

Adeeb Javedani, president of the All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association, said his group had banned the book from the libraries of all affiliated schools.

He said Malala, 16, was representing the West, not Pakistan.

via Pakistan BANS memoir by Malala, the girl shot by the Taliban for going to school | Mail Online.

Do not forget Alem Dechasa

hummus for thought

We have murdered a human being. She didn’t just commit suicide. Every single one of us has now blood on his or her hands. How did we murder Alem Desisa (or Dechasa)? I’ll let the Anti Racism Movement answer this:

[Original Post] – [Arabic Version]

It’s been always really hard to explain how a girl, a migrant domestic worker ends up committing suicide. And what makes it harder is when this girl is killed and then claimed that she had committed suicide in order to protect the Lebanese employer from legal prosecution.

In the Anti-Racism Movement, we have been trying hard to follow up these kind of incidents, and each time we end up hearing the same news: “An alien domestic worker had committed suicide by jumping out of a balcony, or burned herself or hanged herself in Mahala al-Jadeedah.

In the Anti-Racism Movement we…

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Iain Duncan Smith test drives new driverless robot government department at DWP

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Science & Technology

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith is set to test drive a new driverless robot government department at the DWP which will allow cabinet ministers to play games and check emails while being in charge of their departments.

The first pilot of a new generation of self-steering clueless heads of department has been rolling out at the Department of Work and Pensions since Mr Duncan Smith was put in charge over 2 years ago and more completely aimless robot government ministers are due to be introduced into the UK government from 2014.

The driverless government ministers will be able to carry two passengers at a time along with them – for example members of the ministers’ close family – who will also be able to freewheel along with the cabinet minister doing nothing and going nowhere fast at taxpayers’…

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A walk on the Corniche: Beirut

The Secret Reveler

One of the many charms of Beirut, is that the bustling city is straight on the Mediterranean sea. In the heart of Beirut, you can walk down to the “Corniche”, as we call it, the boardwalk, and find your own escape, taking a long walk along the sea. Since I’ve remembered, you will always find the usual characters there. The man who sells Turkish coffee, he who sells ‘Kaak’ (a special Arabic bread in the shape of a bag, topped with sesame seeds or spices)…the Beirut runners, the walkers, joggers. The children who have found a space to run free and ride their bikes. A bench where lovers sit staring into the horizon. Where friends stroll along, deep in conversation, shoe shiners, ponderers and lonely philosophers smoking their cigarettes. Fishermen, laughing groups of teenage boys…those climbing over the side of the cliff for a free swim, and those just enjoying…

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