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Future Payoff Price for Dropping Charges

Latest news is that the Prosecutors have recommended that the charges be dropped against the former head of the IMF. I suspect that we will find out in the future that DA Vance will profit greatly from his mishandling of the case. The message? Don’t mess with powerful men, take any offered payoff, if offended or harmed – deal with it. Scum win this time or at least briefly. This type of behavior of attacking women who have been attacked has to end!

Regardless of Diallo’s past and any changed versions of stories she may have made about what she did after the alleged assault, it does not mean she wasn’t raped. The fact that there is DNA evidence, the fact new medical reports state Diallo’s injuries were those of sexual assault, and the fact that Strauss-Kahn is currently being accused of attempted rape by his daughter’s friend, is a hell of a lot of evidence that this should not end here.



Old Scourge Battering Vietnam Death Toll – 81

Hand, foot and mouth disease – many think in an old disease but it has spread over much of Vietnam and has infected many more thousands and caused even more deaths of late in China. A by-product of industrialized and globalized agriculture and too great a focus on profit over safety?

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Hand, foot and mouth disease spreads to pandemic levels 

The Ministry of Health is considering declaring hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) a pandemic, as more than 32,000 cases of the illness have killed 81 across the country so far this year.

“During any given day, we have 7,000 patients in hospital being examined at HCMC Children’s Hospital 1,” said Dr. Tang Chi Thuong, the hospital’s director. “Of those, around 2,000 must stay at the hospital for treatment.”



A Superbug may be ready to go global

How so? If the bug (bacteria) talked about in the attached article, manages to figure out how to bypass the last remaining drug that can treat it – then an advance from hospital to hospital and country to country could be rather rapid because of air travel patterns. What does that mean – a number of people who might otherwise survive treatment for another life threatening disease will die from a bacterial infection they contract while in treatment.

The natural system is working its way to overcome our overuse of anti-bacterial drugs in food, water, and in industrialized mammal, avian, and marine agriculture.

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Ringing the Warning Bell: Colistin-Resistant Klebsiella

Maryn McKenna

In all the latest bad news about bacteria becoming highly resistant — through carbapenem resistance, or the “Indian supergene” NDM-1 — there has been one hopeful thread: All of the organisms have remained susceptible to one very old, little-used drug called colistin.

That might be about to change. Which would be very, very bad news.

To recap: A resistance factor is spreading that leaves very serious infections treatable by only a single remaining drug, one which is acknowledged not to be perfect. The more a drug is used, the faster resistance against it develops. Especially for Gram-negative infections, there are no new drugs in the pipeline.



Kill their spirit, wolves, land, water til when?

Why is it that we still honor and admire First Nations people while we continue to allow companies and governments to try and steal their land, appropriate their culture? I do not know the answer, I do know it is wrong. How to fix it? No sure but we should try a lot harder than we have.

My Country Tis of Thy People You’re Dying: Video-Lyrics

Now that the pride of the sires receives charity.
Now that we’re harmless and safe behind laws.
Now that my life’s to be known as your heritage.
Now that even the graves have been robbed.
Now that our own chosen way is your novelty.
Hands on our hearts
We salute you your victory:
Choke on your blue white and scarlet hypocrisy.
Pitying your blindness; How you never see –
that the eagles of war whose wings lent you glory,
Were never no more than buzzards & crows:
Pushed some wrens from their nest;
Stole their eggs; changed their story.
The mockingbird sings it;
It’s all that she knows.
“Oh what can I do?”, say a powerless few.
With a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye:
Can’t you see how their poverty’s profiting you?
My country ’tis of thy people you’re dying.

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Good Practice+Too Many Drugs=Planet/People Killers

In short – integrated agriculture supports self-sustaining use of all organic materials. Industrialize the process to maximize profit/yield by adding massive amounts anti-bacterial drugs to the process and you grow drug resistant bacteria and superbugs that – well read on how good intentions and bad science in service to profit could end up killing us. Chinese shrimp on the barbie or at Red Lobster – those shrimp are grown are grown in ponds fertilized by untreated chicken manure – bird flu anyone?

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Drug Resistance in Food — Coming from Aquaculture?

Maryn McKenna
Salmonella Kentucky ST198, it is much more drug-resistant than the US Heidelberg outbreak, and it has been spreading since 2002 from Egypt and north Africa through Europe, and has now been identified in the United States. Its primary vector appears to be chicken meat.

The authors are especially concerned about farms that practice what’s called “integrated aquaculture,” in which chicken litter and manure are used to fertilize ponds in which fish are grown, and waste from the ponds is harvested and used as poultry feed.



USPS Managers – Disloyal/Unethical?

The term “going Postal” came from violence committed by people who had been managed by folks who thought “whack a postal employee” was a great game.

Management signed contracts they now want to ignore/tear up. Management managed the USPS into a hole. Postal workers – letter carriers did not manage the business into the hole it is in.

1. Fire all the managers and put a committee of postal workers in charge of the system, or
2. Managers actually work with employees on how to save money and create more business.

My gut favors choice #1. My head says give #2 a try. Past experience tells me that the workers could actually save the system but managers are too stuck on being “bosses” rather than leaders who want their organization to succeed.

Be strong union and speak out for uncommon good sense!

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USPS proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan

In an attempt to stem its financial hemorrhaging, the U.S. Postal Service is seeking to reduce its workforce by 20 percent, including through layoffs now prohibited by union contracts. USPS also wants to withdraw its employees from the health and retirement plans that cover federal staffers and create its own benefit programs for postal employees.



Thoughtless Thursday – Bank of America

Bank of America is convinced it does not have to follow laws that require it to be a good neighbor and to just be accountable for its actions or inaction. And it does not believe that it needs to honor 1st Amendment, freedom of speech, laws against false imprisonment and… It gets the thoughtless and no heart award for this thursday!

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Woman Lists Bank of America’s Vacant Property Violations; Bank of America Has Woman Arrested

2011_5_25_BofA.jpg Bank of America had a customer arrested yesterday after she tried to deliver complaints of code violations at properties the bank owns.


If you do not blog for peace; who will?

When good people say nothing, evil triumphs – speak up!

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BlogBlast4Peace 2011

For more information or to join this cause please visit founder and creator of Blog Blast For Peace, Mimi Lenox @



1. This is not a game – playing with our lives to gain an “edge” for your belief or political party has to stop.
2. Standard and Poor’s has made so many bad calls over the past few years, that it is difficult to take seriously and I don’t think people should take them seriously any longer – S&P you are downgraded for good!
3. Media and “pundits” – you are as much to blame as those attempting to gain a political edge. You are just spinning your own coverage to gain attention and gain your own edge. You time is nearly up as well.
4. We – the public – can all see that you are playing a “naked” game and while at times amusing – it has to end.

We need each other and need to work together – now!

1946 Cold Case in Mojave

Murdered woman finally identified – never, never, never give up when seeking justice, mercy, or peace!

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Woman Murdered in 1946 Identified
It’s never too late to solve a murder mystery, and in the case of a woman who was killed 65 years ago and whose remains were left in a California desert, investigators have finally found answers.