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Tim Berners-Lee: encryption cracking by spy agencies ‘appalling and foolish’ | World news |

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the computer scientist who created the world wide web, has called for a \”full and frank public debate\” over internet surveillance by the National Security Agency and its British counterpart, GCHQ, warning that the system of checks and balances over these two powerful bodies has failed.

As the inventor of the global system of inter-connectivity known as the web, with its now ubiquitous www and http, Berners-Lee is uniquely qualified to comment on the internet spying that has been revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

In an interview with the Guardian, he expressed particular outrage that GCHQ and NSA had weakened the security of the internet by cracking much of the online encryption on which hundreds of millions of users rely to protect the privacy of their data.

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The Gun Report: November 6, 2013 –

Dow Kling, 22, was accidentally shot and killed in Waterbury, Conn., Sunday, and police have arrested his roommate, 22-year-old Shawn French. Police believe the men used a .22-caliber Ruger to shoot blank rounds at each other at their home, and live ammunition accidentally got mixed in with the blanks. French had a permit for the gun and has experience handling firearms.

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OMG! The Gun Report: November 6, 2013 –

Renisha McBride, 19, was shot to death after seeking help following a car crash in a Dearborn Heights, Mich., early Saturday. The victim knocked on the door of a home hoping for assistance, and thinking she was an intruder, the man who opened the door shot her in the head. She died on his porch. No arrests have been made. A final report on the shooting will be forwarded to the county prosecutor’s office.

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Black French minister sounds alarm over rising tide of racism | News , International | THE DAILY STAR

\”It is not about careless little slips of the tongue, it is much more serious than that,\” Taubira said in an interview with left-wing daily Liberation. \”Inhibitions are disappearing, dykes have been breached.\”

In the last month alone, Taubira has twice been publicly compared to a monkey, once by a group of children whose parents had taken them on a protest against gay marriage and once by an electoral candidate of the far right National Front, who wrote on her Facebook page that she would prefer to see the minister \”swinging from the branches rather than in government.\”

Taubira said those well-publicised incidents were only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the hostility she has encountered since she was named as one of the four most senior ministers in the Socialist government that took office last year.

\”I\’ve been getting monkey and banana insults for a long time but there is also something more subtle going on that nobody has highlighted,\” she said.

By way of example, the minister noted how the opponents of gay marriage had targeted her personally rather than the government as a whole and had emphasised the \”Frenchness\” of the protest movement.

She also pointed to the outspoken reactions that her initial appointment had provoked. These included Jean-Francois Cope, one of the leaders of the main opposition party, warning centre-right voters that: \”If you vote for the FN, you get the Left and you get Taubira.\”

Taubira\’s concern over a perceived increase in racism — or the acceptability of racism — in French society, echoes warnings issued recently by various rights groups and social commentators.

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Keeping Black Voters in Their Place –

Once Alabama Republicans gained control of the levers of power, they wasted no time using the results of the 2010 Census to reinforce their position of dominance. Newly drawn lines further corralled black voters into legislative districts with large African-American majorities, a tactic political professionals call “packing and stacking.” Redrawn district lines minimize the potential of coalitions between a minority of white voters and a solid core of black voters. Under these circumstances, white Republican voting blocs remain dominant.

At the core of this strategy is an unexpected twist: Republicans in Alabama and in many other states have gone out of their way to protect black legislative districts and black legislators from Republican or white Democratic challenges.

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Local Mission Market Web Store – Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Meats

Local Mission Market is the first locally-sourced and handmade market. Beyond the bounty of exclusively and directly-sourced Central and Northern Californian fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, oil, vinegar, rice and beans, we craft, package, and label every bread, pasta, jam, pickle, cracker, condiment, sausage, cured fish, and more on-site and by-hand. As committed as we are to old-world and from-scratch production, we also pioneered a full webstore for pick-up and delivery and a custom in-store iPad app for weighed items and quicker checkouts.

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Three reasons for the Egypt-Russia rapprochement


Initially published in  AL-Monitor

CAIRO — In May 1958, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser started an 18-day state visit to Russia, a visit that officially marked a recalibration of Egyptian foreign policy away from the Western sphere, and toward the Soviet camp. Fifty-five years later, an Egyptian popular diplomatic delegation headed to Moscow in a visit that was described as fruitful and positive. The past is a prologue that can safely be applied to the current Egyptian-Russian relationship. In fact, many members of the delegation are known for their affection toward Russia. Actor Ezzat Al-Alayli spoke in a TV interview about the visit and how it rekindled past memories of his time in Russia in the sixties. Indeed, the sixties were the peak of this partnership, and Nasser’s tenure was marked by strong ties with the Russians —from military dependency to infrastructure projects, such as the Aswan high dam, educational missions…

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