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Industrial-Agriculture Monopolists (Oligopoly) Rig Market – Hunger is the Result

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‘Food Empires Creating Agricultural Crisis’
UTRECHT, The Netherlands, Oct 18, 2010 (IPS) – Forget speculators, forget biofuel farmers. The real cause behind the permanent
food and agricultural crisis is the imperial food regime, squeezing money out of
agriculture, a Dutch professor says.
Where does the difference go to? “To food empires,” Van der Ploeg says. “The
market is more and more dominated by industrial trade conglomerates, like
Ahold, Nestle, Cargill, and many more, governing production, processing,
distribution and consumption of food. Those empires are able to manipulate
markets and squeeze wealth out of agriculture. In this regime, small
disequilibria in the markets translate into huge price fluctuations.”

Bizzare – Children’s “spa” bubble thing explodes – not supposed to!

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Additional Injuries
Spa Factory™ Aromatherapy Kits Due to Explosion and Projectile Hazards
recall of 516,000 Spa Factory™ Aromatherapy Fountain & Bath Benefits Kits.
13 injuries to children. Since that time, CPSC has received 12 additional reports of exploding unvented jars of JAKKS� Bath Bombs/Balls or Bath Fizzies, including 13 additional reported injuries.
Picture of Recalled Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain

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Lover’s Bench Recalled Safety Hazard Cited – Grin

Not falling in love but falling on butt – grin. Just had to share it.

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Recalled Due to Fall Hazard
Hazard: The bench may tip over when only one person is seated on it. This could pose a fall hazard to consumers.
Incidents/Injuries: Ross has received two reports of the bench tipping over. No injuries have been reported.Read more at

Arizona Sheriff Believes “HE” is the law

Ever wonder how low things can get when you start race and ethnic cleansing raids.

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Latina Lista

Arpaio continues to push the bounds of law versus lawlessness


Yesterday, Arpaio conducted a work site raid where he arrested 14 people at the Prime Cut Meat & Seafood Co., a Phoenix meat packing business. Five of those people were accused of using false IDs.

According to Arpaio, the undocumented immigrants he arrested were taking jobs U.S. citizens could have. In other words, he’s implying that he’s doing a favor for the city’s unemployed.

Yet, in the hours after the raid, about 80 people showed up to fill the vacancies — the vast majority of them were Latino according to Poppen.



No ready for prime time Paladino

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Video: Paladino Says “Fuck ‘Em” To Having NYC Terror Trial

According to National Journal, the questioner says, “If you were the chief executive of New York, what would your response be to the attorney general of the United States deciding to hold terrorist trials in Manhattan?” Paladino answered, “Fuck him. Fuck him.” WAtch the video—the question is at about the 2:10 mark.



The deepest yearning: to be accepted just for being me

Hiding what/who you are can kill the spirit, or it can inspire you to a most powerful revolutionary way of life – as this woman has chosen in Afghanistan.

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Read My Poems on the Reddish Stream of My Blood

What does it mean to be an Afghan woman?
Hmm, I know you can’t provide me with an elegant answer so
Just give me the pen, the hidden pen
So that I can write, that is all I am asking for!
My eyes will read my environment; my brain will save the details,
and I will write with the hidden pen on the chambers of my heart,
so that when I am caught and executed,

By Emaan



Excesses by Homeland Security and headline writer of Christian Science Monitor

Mobile X-ray trucks deployed for anti-terror use and then tested at random and used to find drugs is dumb and a boys-with-toys approach to what ought to be serious work. The headline designed to feed fear and conspiracy nuts is just sort of unbelievable by the Christian Science Monitor. Shows how much do/say anything to get noticed has infect American culture. Shame enough to go around here – don’t you think?

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‘Feds radiating Americans’? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets

As an antiterror measure, the US government has deployed mobile X-ray technology to randomly scan cars and trucks. But the measure is riling privacy proponents.

On Tuesday, a counterterror operation snarled truck traffic on I-20 near Atlanta, where Department of Homeland Security teams used mobile X-ray technology to check the contents of truck trailers. Authorities said the inspections weren’t prompted by any specific threat.



Art you enter into – Leslie Huppert

Leslie, I met during a project of hers called The Robe. Using burgeoning e-mail networks in 1987, she gathered together people to submit bits of cloth and clothing and the stories that went with them for a 10 meter tall “robe” that people could enter into and experience the spirit of those who contributed to it. A “real” story board – grin. The Hut is a project follwing similar thoughts and based on her experience with Namibia, I believe. I don’t read German, so our German speakers will have to help out here if it will help and they are interested.

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The herero hut

Während des internationalen Workshops in Okakarara habe ich eine weitere Version von ‚Home sweet home‘ in einer alten Lehmhütte umsetzen können. Hierbei habe ich den Küchentrakt unseres Aufenthaltsortes gezeichnet und auf die Innenwand der Hütte malerisch übertragen und dabei mehrere Personen schemenhaft eingebunden. Über den Köpfen der Personen schweben Worte in Oshi-Herero, die deren Hoffnungen, Ängste,
Wünsche und Erfahrungen widerspiegeln. Am Boden in der Mitte der Hütte war ein Video einer Autofahrt zum Waterberg zu sehen und des Weiteren das Melken einer Kuh. Beide Elemente sind sehr wichtig für die Herero.

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Yo candidates! Truth, these days, is smarter than lying.

Someone is going to check nearly everything you say, or in this case wave. If you have a list, show the list. If you do not have it sit down and be quiet!

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The state’s Republican candidate for governor waves a bogus list
“These are the 780 individuals that are on that list.
the papers he brandished were not what the candidate claimed
It was not a list. It was simply a printout explaining state statutes.Read more at