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Why it sticks in the craw to see billionaire Trump ‘slumming it’ | Barbara Ellen


For him, junk food signifies being down to earth; to others, it is all that they can afford

It comes to something when the perfect way to demonstrate wealth and status is by “slumming it” with junk food.

First up, President Donald Trump. Finding himself without catering staff (oh, you know, the shutdown unpleasantness) for a visit from the Clemson University football team, Trump piled tables with his beloved takeaway burgers (various brands). Or, as he initially tweeted, “hamberders”, stinking and steaming away in polystyrene cartons, presumably, after so many hours, giving off the kind of whiff you’d associate with an unregulated abattoir in a heatwave.

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Women around the world march against austerity and violence


Tens of thousands take to city streets to protest against violence and the impact of austerity on their lives

Propelled by a mass public rendition of Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves and accompanied by a thudding police helicopter overhead, hundreds of protesters rallied in central London yesterday in solidarity with an estimated 89 Women’s Marches worldwide.

In Athens, Berlin, Washington DC and Los Angeles, to name just a few, tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out to protest against violence against women and the impact of policies of austerity. They also had some choice words for Donald Trump and Theresa May.

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Women around the world march against violence – live


Demonstrators gather for 80 events across 31 cities including London, Berlin and New York to protest violence against women and the gendered impact of austerity

2.49pm GMT

The march is in full swing in London, where demonstrators are singing “We Are Family.”

Crowds singing “We are family. I’ve got all my sisters and me” at the Women’s March in Portland Place

2.44pm GMT

In Eureka, California, where organizers had opted not to hold a march out of concern it would be “overwhelmingly white,” new organizers have stepped in and are holding a rally at noon.

“What do we want? Intersectional feminism. Why is it this hard?” the group’s event listing says.

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