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Sun rising on solar panel recycling

Darcy Hitchcock

At the end of their life, solar panels still contain a lot of useful materials like aluminum and silver but up to now, few get recycled. Entrepreneurs can see the demand coming and a handful of facilities like SolarCycle are popping up.

The area covered by solar panels that were installed in the U.S. as of 2021 and are due to retire by 2030 would cover about 3,000 American football fields, according to an NREL estimate.

SolarCycle separates the panel from the aluminum frame and the feed it into a machine that can separate the recyclable component materials: silver, copper, silicon and glass. Their process currently costs around $18 per panel, as compared to tipping fees of a few dollars at landfills. But there are a lot of benefits to recycling.

The company estimates that recycling each panel avoids the emissions of 97 pounds of CO2; the figure rises…

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Videos: Party Kolkata Style + Valeska’s New Book + Podcast

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Titling over Rocky dancing and Valeska's new book cover.
Rocky’s dancing greatness and Valeska’s new book!–Valeskas-New-Book-e21ejfv

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O-M-G!!!! Only a little while ago I heard former U.S. President Trump has been indicted!!

I had a whole other idea for this week’s blog post — but surely there’s no better way to celebrate awesome news than to shake, rattle, and roll Kolkata style?!

More posts and podcasts about my visit to Kolkata here and here and here and here

Work paused on my novel, Khashayar grabbed by the hand, he and I danced with glee to the…

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Ice Cream Grilled Pineapple


What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Clean Eating: Ice Cream Grilled Pineapple! If you’ve decided it’s better to unplug with a “staycation” this year, there’s no need to give up guilty pleasures. Minimizing expenses with less stress is smart living. Take advantage of the leisure activities and points of interest in your own community. When was the last time you popped in to the local Welcome Center or Chamber of Commerce? You may see things through a fresh pair of eyes. Others do. Make a tropical dessert that will transport you to your very own private island. Dress it up with colorful parasol party picks.



1 cup brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

4-6 fresh pineapple rings

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Maraschino Cherry, for garnish


Preheat a gas grill to medium-high temperature. Combine brown sugar and cinnamon in a shallow dish. Mix well. Rub both sides…

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Neocolonialismo – Mineração de ouro legal e ilegal e outras indústrias de mineração contra povos Indígenas, animais selvagens e água!

Mina de ouro de uma mineradora legal – foto: Barrick Gold Corporation “Todo dia eu acordo e tudo que vejo ao meu redor é dor e tristeza porque …

Neocolonialismo – Mineração de ouro legal e ilegal e outras indústrias de mineração contra povos Indígenas, animais selvagens e água!

El CO2 y su influencia en el aumento de la temperatura global deterioran el clima! — Stigmatis News

Sofía Henales.- Madrid.- El clima, el “conjunto de circunstancias del tiempo atmosférico”, está deteriorado principalmente por “la acumulación de …

El CO2 y su influencia en el aumento de la temperatura global deterioran el clima! — Stigmatis News

Pochierte Eier etwas anders …Poached eggs a bit different

Stella, oh, Stella

Ein ganz kurzer Küchentipp, den hat mein Mann im Internet entdeckt.

… A very short kitchen tip; my husband discovered it on the Internet.

Man kann Eier relativ einfach in kleinen Silikonformen im Wasserbad pochieren. Das gibt ihnen eine schöne Form, man hat kein überflüssiges Wasser auf dem Teller, wenn man nicht so geübt ist (wie ich), und sie sind alle noch warm wenn sie auf den Teller kommen. Ich habe dazu eine Pfanne mit Deckel benutzt.

… One can poach eggs relatively easy in small silicone baking dishes in a bain-marie. It gives them a nice shape, there is no unwanted water on the plate, in case one is not so skilled (like me), and they are all still warm when they are put on the plate. I have used a pan with a lid.

Ich habe sie mit weissem Pfeffer und Bärlauchsalz gewürzt.
… I seasoned them with…

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