Finally, a Glimmer of Global Health Light

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

    This spark needs to be fanned into a global health care flame of hope for all of us, through learning, and through persistent caring about all of us:

“This is a long overdue technology”

From NPR, by Fran Kritz

   Indeed, it is long overdue.  With no need for cold storage, medical bio hazard waste or the sharps disposal infrastructure needed, not to mention the trained medical staff, needed to deliver vaccines via shots, and no clean water for rendering the concentrate into individual doses (which I had never read about until now, and that requires even further training and staff time…), and no wasted doses.  Why has this not been done far, far earlier?  Yes, I know that the big pharmaceuticals and other groups benefit from costly supply chains, need for electricity, transportation requirements, and even from the wasted doses, but really, people, where is the humanity…

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