The Poetry of Abstract Art

From Behind the Pen

Huh? What is it? Why?
I can’t decipher but try
I’m stumped, but smitten.

Abstract art they say
confusion is all I see
still fascinated.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Sometimes abstract art may not always be understood and perhaps it wasn’t necessarily meant to be. Like dancing, you glide through the ebb and flow of textures, colors, randomization, or even haphazardness, feeling something that may be sublime or unmoving. Perhaps abstract art doesn’t have to make sense, it just invites a conversation that probably never would have happened before you encountered it. Maybe it is a shock to your creative system that disrupts your “normal” order of things, and introduces you to an extravaganza of cultural delight.

Sometimes, you have to shake up your creative juices with a new flavor of artistic spices. Instead of the same ole, same ole day-to-day, bland serving of boredom, you would not believe what…

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