BestBuy prepaid box to recycle electronics

Darcy Hitchcock

Okay, we all have them: old phones, cords, iPods, maybe an old tablet or computer. BestBuy is trying to simplify your life with its prepaid shipping box. Here’s how it works.

Step 1:Order a prepaid box from You can choose from two options. A small box (9 X 5 X3 – $22.99), which can carry up to 6 lbs, or a medium box (18 X 14 X 4 – $29.99), which can carry up to 15 lbs.

Step 2:The box arrives at your home, and you fill it up with old gadgets lying around the house whether that’s a tablet, cords, keyboards or more. See the full list of products we recycle,here.

Step 3: You ship the prepaid box by taking it to your nearest UPS drop-off location or scheduling a pickup with UPS.

Obviously you’re not going to recycle your old TV this…

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