Sihirli Annem (My Magical Mom) s1e25: Secrets Hurt, But Striving Helps

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

  Last week was bölüm/episode 24 ( Sihirli Annem (My Magical Mom) s1e24: Double Standards For Girls and For Boys? )


The summary comes from a fellow blogger (Birgit)’s point of view.

Cilek, the little adopted fairy girl, comes home from Kindergarten with the message that she learned that one does not have secrets from one’s best friends. Therefore, she plans to tell her siblings Cem and Ceren and their father Sadik that she is a fairy.

“In my dream, I confessed to dad and my siblings that I am a Fairy.”

Betüs has a hard time talking her out of it. She explains that getting everything by magic interferes with the human way of life, which is having to strive to fulfill their dreams. Fairies should only use magic to help humans in emergency situations.

At the same time, Tarik is fed up…

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