How energy efficient are the cooking appliances in your kitchen

Darcy Hitchcock

This article was written for British households but the relative cost and energy consumption should be equivalent in other countries.

  • Electric oven: Typical cost per use: £0.27
  • Slow cooker: Typical cost per use: £0.26
  • Air fryer: Typical cost per use: £0.07
  • Microwave: Typical cost per use: £0.04
  • Hob (aka burners, hot plates): Typical cost per use: £0.01 to £0.02


Of course, these appliances perform different functions. You’re not going to cook the Thanksgiving turkey in a countertop air fryer or cookies in your slow cooker. But clearly you’re better to make a pot of soup on the stove than in the slow cooker and then reheat it in the microwave.

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With all these appliances, there are things you can do to minimize energy use. Here are a few tips.

Ovens: Keep the door closed, don’t preheat longer than necessary…

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