Home Sweet Home (for Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Writing Challenge)

Anything is Possible!

Instructions: Writing for the Third Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge has begun. If you want to join the fun, pick a door, write a story, poem, novel, screenplay, musical score – anything at all. Post your writing on your blog (or email it to me, if you don’t have a blog) and join the already growing list of writers in the table below.

I was drawn to the photo by by Susan Rushton. It inspired me to write a poem for my daughter who’s heart’s desire is to move from the city to the foothills. I hope she finds a place in better shape than this one, but as long as the house has “good bones,” she would be happy living in a cooler, earthier place.

She longed to live in a simpler time

Closer to the earth

instead of the small apartment

in the sweltering city growing too fast.

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