Dreams Growing in a Fertile Place

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Can dreams change, and can you still dream a new dream regardless of your age? My dreams in my twenties shifted when I reached my thirties, transformed when I entered my forties, and changed again when I saw the dawning of my fifties. When I entered my sixties I recalibrated my life lessons to a new place of reality and new dreams, at a different time, and with a changed me.
Aside from aging and the flow of the unexpected, I found myself shedding the old familiar. It began soaking in that I am now my parent’s generation and what I dreamt of through the decades, has changed dramatically and drastically. I don’t put undue pressure on myself like I used to because I don’t need to. I focus on the present, and the opportunities it offers. While there are new challenges, my tree of life isn’t finished. I still…

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