Stopped and Started

Kaushal Kishore

It is very difficult for people past the age of sixty or seventy to express how they feel about themselves and others. But when they do speak, it is their experience that deserves to be heard, and emulated by others, regardless of age.

I share the sentiments of a senior citizen as follows:

*I have stopped bargaining with vegetable sellers, fruit vendors and taxi drivers, who work so hard to earn a living. Giving a few more bucks will not make much difference in my pocket, but it can help the poor fellow to save for their children’s school fees or parents’ medicines.

*I have stopped telling the person who tells the same story over and over again. Maybe he is trying to relive the past.

*I have stopped correcting people even when they are wrong. The world does not rest on my shoulders. Peace is more precious to me…

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