Novel as Not Even Thinly Veiled Autobiography??

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

    Probably not a good idea, at least so all of the writing experts tell us.  But why, or why not?  I’ve heard it quoted that ‘all novels are autobiographical,’ which makes sense given that any and every line one writes tells much about the writer, no matter what that writer’s intention may have been.  Every word you write reveals something about you.  But you never have a chance to explain or give your own interpretation to your writing.  Once it is out in the world, readers will see in your writing what they wish to see.  Even if it is a true event which they would prefer (and you would also have preferred, for that matter) were not true, or a time when you wondered if you yourself might not be some alien artifact merely sent here to record these odd human goings-on, or if you always thought…

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