Flying Horse

Kaushal Kishore

One day the king of Sumera kingdom sentenced two convicts Jhulan and Gokul to death for different heinous crimes. Jhulan was sad and had lost all hopes, but Gokul knew that the king was very fond of his horse.

So Gokul told the king that if his life was spared, he would teach his horse to fly in a year. The king was delighted to hear that he could ride the world’s only flying horse.

Jhulan looked at Gokul in disbelief and said,
“You know that a horse cannot fly! How can you think of such a crazy idea? Don’t you think that after a year your false claim will be exposed? You are just postponing your death for a year.”

Gokul replied,
“It is not so my friend. I have actually given myself four chances to save myself from imminent death. First, the death of the king could happen…

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