Breaking news: UN group is meeting to end plastic pollution

Darcy Hitchcock

Horrified by the prevalence of plastic pollution, the United Nations Environment Program has been working on a roadmap and legally binding treaty to end it. The negotiators’ second meeting starts May 29, 2023 in Paris. If nothing is done, production of plastic could triple by 2060.

UNEP’s report aims to offer a roadmap to governments and businesses to dramatically cut levels of plastic pollution. It focuses on three main strategies: reuse, recycling and alternative materials.

While the language of the treaty is not yet finalized, it’s likely that the provisions will include:

  • Eliminating single use plastics
  • Adding deposits on plastic bottles, giving them value, making it more likely that they’ll be recycled
  • Creating new materials, like truly biodegradable materials
  • Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies that help make plastic cheap

They are expressly focusing on creating a Circular Economy.

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