♫ Ebony and Ivory ♫ (Redux)

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Tonight is one of those nights when the only thing that’s going to do for me is some Stevie Wonder.  Yes, I know I just played this one last June, but folks … I want you to listen, really listen to the words and tell me we couldn’t use a whole lot more of this today!  Now, I just love seeing Stevie, and throwing in Paul McCartney is an added bonus, but when I listened to this one tonight, it brought me to tears — literally.  We have lawmakers being threatened with violence, a 12-year-old child shot and killed a man with an AR-15, an 18-year-old went on a neighborhood shooting rampage and killed three, injured nine more, members of Congress are playing Russian roulette with our lives, and states are robbing women of their rights while robbing children of an education.  And that’s only some of what weighs heavily…

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