Hoe ik het doe (My way)



Hoe minder eisen ik stel, hoe makkelijker ik me beweeg. Ik blijf klein en flexibel, eis niets op, maar zie alles wat me tegemoet komt als een gunst. Ben nieuwsgierig naar wat er leeft en belangstellend naar anderen. Kijk wat er te doen is en heb er plezier in om de handen vies te maken. Ik houd het vuurtje brandende. De beek van mijn authentieke creativiteit zal blijven stromen. Daar zorg ik voor. Ik neem genoeg pauzes en kom graag op verhaal. Laat het nodige in stilte groeien en kom ermee naar buiten als het moment daar is. Ik werk stap voor stap en geduldig. Kijk naar planten en dieren en wat de bodem en de plek nodig heeft. Ik werk daaraan, in overeenstemming met de geest van het land. Blijf spelen, blijf kijken. Dat is mijn levensfilosofie in praktijk.

The fewer demands you make, the easier you move…

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Dutch shut down offshore wind turbines to save birds in ‘international first’ | Recharge

urbines at wind farms in Borssele and Egmond aan Zee were halted for four hours at the weekend after specialist modelling predicted an influx of birds into the area.

Birds dodge offshore wind turbines to stay alive: high-tech study claims ‘change in understanding’

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The authorities said the procedure had been agreed in advance with project owners and grid operator TenneT, which had enough notice to stabilise the network.

Turbines will at nighttime operate at “a maximum of two rotations per minute” during the migration period. The shutdown was a pilot initiative ahead of a full-scale implementation of the plan from the autumn of this year.

Source: Dutch shut down offshore wind turbines to save birds in ‘international first’ | Recharge

Es hört und hört einfach nicht auf!!! …Will it ever stop?

Stella, oh, Stella

Gier und Menschenveracht zeigen ihr hässliches Antlitz wieder einmal unverhüllt. Erinnert ihr euch noch an den Contergan-Skandal? Als man schon wusste, dass dieses Mittel schwere Missbildungen bei Föten verursachte, hat man es einfach an afrikanische Länder verkauft … wo es nun schon mal hergestellt war, wäre doch schade gewesen, es wegzuwerfen, nicht wahr? Die heutige Angelegenheit empfinde ich als ähnlich, mit einem zusätzlichen Eigentoreffekt.

… Greed and contempt for others once again show their ugly face unconcealed. Do you still remember the Contergan scandal? When it was already known that this substance caused heavy deformations in foetuses, it was simply sold to African countries … now that it had been manufactured, would have been a shame to throw it away, right? I think that today’s topic is similar, with an additional own goal effect.

Die englische Version folgt nach der deutschen in einem Block.

… The English version follows after…

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HerFlow Foundation: Investing in girls and their health

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You don’t have to be in Women’s Month or celebrating Women’s Day to continue the work toempower our girls. For Shelly-Ann Weeks, Founder and Executive Director of HerFlow Foundation, it’s year-round. She was at Excelsior High School in Kingston recently, with the support of a U.S.-based NGO with Jamaican roots, the GrassROOTS Community Foundation, for the third Invest in Girls Summit.

And just as this year’s Earth Day theme was “Invest in our Planet,” the theme “Invest in Girls” resonates. Well, it comes to the same thing, really. Well done again, Shelly-Ann and thank you, GrassROOTS! Here is the HerFlow press release.

Lisa Maxwell, Director of GrassROOTS Community Foundation, laughs as period poverty activist Shelly-Ann Weeks makes a strong point at the Invest in Girls Summit on May 1, 2023 at Excelsior High School.
Shelly-Ann Weeks injects her own down to earth humour at the Invest In Girls Summit, while Lisa Maxwell, Director of GrassROOTS Community Foundation, holds the mic for her. (Photo: HerFlow Foundation)


“Informative” “Funny” and…

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Jamaican Kwame McPherson wins Commonwealth Short Story Regional Prize for the Caribbean

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I always get very excited about book prizes. Here’s one I always follow closely.

Something lovely (and no longer embargoed) jumped into my inbox while I was having another long and semi-stressful day. Five writers, chosen from 6,642 entrants, have been announced as regional winners of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Judges hailed the “impressive” ambition of stories which show “mastery of the craft.” The youngest winner is 20-year-old South African Hana Gammon! And for the first time there were entries from Togo and Gabon.

Kwame McPherson (Photo: Commonwealth Foundation)

Congratulations to all the regional winners! And of course to the Jamaican winner of the Caribbean prize, Kwame McPherson for his story, “Ocoee.” The Commonwealth Foundation describes his story as “an interweaving of African American reality and history, and Caribbean folklore.” Ocoee is named after a town in Florida where, in November 1920, a group of African Americans were massacred…

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Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

A autoconfiança é importante para o nosso progresso. Diria até que, é um negócio eficaz que nos faz renascer a motivação para recomeçar tudo novamente. Sei que você poderia dizer ” não é esperança que você se refere?” Não. A esperança é um combustível audacioso no meio de nossas crises. Mas aqui, falo de autoconfiança mesmo. Em meio a tantas injustiças que vivemos, desigualdades, e os ditos ” percalços ” da vida, ter autoconfiança, é ter uma energia inexplicável para fazer a vida valer a pena, correr riscos, etc. Sabendo que tudo se modificar o tempo todo. Vez ou outra, é necessário fazer uso dessa bússola que tem dentro de você e ” ir pra cima “, enfrentar os obstáculos, sonhar novamente, usar o intelectuo para ser sempre bom no que faz. E claro – deixa sucumbir as desculpas que houverem, sempre há! Acredita que é capaz, porque autoconfiança é…

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Speaker at UK conservatism event echoes far right in attack on ‘globalists’ | Conservatives | The Guardian

Kevin Roberts repeatedly mentions idea criticised as antisemitic trope at conference attended by Tory MPs

One of the main speakers at a conference attended by two cabinet ministers and a series of other Tory MPs has blamed “globalists” for the world’s political problems, repeatedly using a term associated with the far right and antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, a US thinktank, 

Source: Speaker at UK conservatism event echoes far right in attack on ‘globalists’ | Conservatives | The Guardian