IRS Weighs Creating a Government-Run Tax-Prep Option – Slashdot

Democrats and consumer advocates have been pushing for the Internal Revenue Service to offer free online tax filing on its website, particularly for people with straightforward returns. Their core argument: Tax-preparation companies charge middle-income Americans for what advocates think should be a free public service.

The companies, meanwhile, are boosting lobbying spending and leaning on lawmakers to fight a change that could shrink their revenue, and they are emphasizing free options already available for taxpayers. They see the changes under consideration as a first step toward an even bigger threat in which the IRS could use information it gets from employers and other sources to prepare a first draft of taxpayers’ returns for them. The IRS is due to release a report this week on a possible Direct File system — think TurboTax but on the agency’s website — and the Biden administration will then decide whether to pursue it.

Source: IRS Weighs Creating a Government-Run Tax-Prep Option – Slashdot