Review: The History of Black Slavery in Pueto Rico/ Revista: Historia de La Esclavitud Negra En Puerto Rico

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Historia de La Esclavitud Negra En Puerto Rico by Luis M. Soler

   This book, in my opinion, is worth keeping handy, and with a good library, and after having learned to read both Spanish and French, as well.  It was available freely online as a pdf document, via a university library system if I recall correctly, back when I first read it in 2015 or so, but I have not searched for it since then.

     This extensive and not easy to read, but well worthwhile history of slavery in Puerto Rico, shows the importance not only of where we have been, but also what tools we have now and how to evaluate them in the light of past and present situations. The author comments that a Cooperative could have saved the small coffee producers of Puerto Rico, though not on whether that would have enabled the liberation…

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