old version of Black and Jewish Americans fight together for human dignity… in Spain…

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     A newer post mentions my all time favorite show, El Ministerio del Tiempo (sorry Babylon 5!!), and how an old friend told me, after watching an episode together, that one of her relatives had  gone to Spain, and fought in the Spanish Civil War as part of the Lincoln Brigade which turned out to have been known officially as the Lincoln Batallion.

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Black men from the USA fought valiantly for freedom.

In honor,   for the  victory against racism overseas and at home, and to

keep on cooperating…  To Do Better…  DoBetterCover

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A discussion in the May 7, 2023 New York Times Magazine raises once more the question of what to do with the dangerous A.I.  We already know it’s dangerous because we have seen its misleading affirmation of “reality.”

As mentioned in an earlier post, Geoffrey Hinton, an artificial intelligence pioneer and major developer of A.I. has withdrawn from its development.

On a recent Monday he officially joined a growing chorus of critics who say those companies are racing toward danger with their aggressive campaign to create products based on generative artificial intelligence, the technology that powers popular chatbots like ChatGPT.

Dr. Hinton said he has quit his job at Google, where he has worked for more than a decade and became one of the most respected voices in the field, so he can freely speak out about the risks of A.I. A part of him, he said, now regrets his…

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Alleged doc leaker was getting ready for a violent ‘race war’: report – Raw Story – Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism

The airman who was arrested in connection with the leak of highly sensitive classified documents was preparing for what he imagined would be an inevitable race war, according to an investigation from the Washington Post.It was previously reported that alleged leaker Air National Guardsman Jack Teixe…
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Kansas governor vetoes bill on child COVID-19 vaccines, authority of health officials – The Lawrence Times

Gov. Laura Kelly shot down an anti-vaccination bill that would have blocked child COVID-19 vaccination requirements and stripped authority from public health officials, a move greeted with outrage from Republican leaders in the Legislature.

House Bill 2285, sent to Kelly’s desk in the last days of the legislative session, narrowly passed the House 63-56 and the Senate 22-18. The bill would ban state and county public health officials from issuing preventative measures — such as testing and quarantine — to halt the spread of infectious diseases. 

Source: Kansas governor vetoes bill on child COVID-19 vaccines, authority of health officials – The Lawrence Times