Vote No In August: One Person One Vote

The Vote No in August campaign is a citizen-driven, grassroots, non-partisan coalition representing millions of Ohio voters that has come together to protect the sacred principle of one person one vote, and preserve majority rule in Ohio.

Protect direct democracy in Ohio and women’s rights. GOP wants to trash 50%+1 votes to win citizen led changes to Ohio Constitution and make it 60% to win and petition requirement of 88 counties rathe than current 44 counties. All to make it more difficult to pass protection for women’s reproductive rights in Ohio

Source: Vote No In August: One Person One Vote

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  1. I must admit that I never understood the election rules in the US. In Denmark every Danish citizen has a vote, even if that person is imprisoned. And I as foreigner living in Denmark can vote in communal elections, though not in national ones. The US system is so complicated, and I think that is on purpose.

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