Update of Some Notes from Istanbul, late 2004, and Izmir, early 2005

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

   While some of this was originally posted in 2020, during the global pandemic,  most of it is based on a set of posts, linked to at the bottom, originally posted back in 2005, while I worked in Turkey.   This was the time period in which I discovered and came to love a Kanal D family TV show (which was then only in its fourth or fifth season, if I understood correctly) called Sihirli Annem (My Magical Mother),  and saw how helpful a TV series can be both for language learning, and for giving hope to the broken of heart, just when it is needed most.   The series  is essentially a Turkish merger Sihirli Annem 23 01  of the old TV show Bewitched and the Harry Potter films.   I am currently working on finding redundant content here on my WordPress blog, and also adding comments where I forgot that I had intended to…

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