Beauty and Reality

Kaushal Kishore

I wonder,
when a lamp wants to light
but without burning itself,
when a rose wants to bloom
but without any thorn attached,
when a stone wants to be sculpted
but without the blows
of hammers and chisels,
when a metal wants to be refined
but without getting burnt
and melted in fire,
when a woman wants
to become a mother
but within three months,
and when a poet wants to live only
from the age of fifteen to forty…

Everything comes in pairs,
either together or with an interval,
but it is not possible
for one to avoid the other,
and that is the beauty and reality
of nature…

Sun and Moon rarely meet,
but both complement each other,
two banks of a river never meet,
but one can’t live without the other,
it’s hard to mix
tears and smiles together,
but when these two meet,
then that moment…

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